• Nightly Check-In May 8

    Nightly Check-In: San Diego Unlikely to Reach Yellow Tier

    County leaders reveal our county is unlikely to ease COVID-19 restrictions any more until June 15th when the entire tier system will be eliminated. The reasons behind our slower progress here. Plus, new details about the young boys killed in that devastating house fire in Chula Vista. NBC 7’s Mark Mullen has your Nightly Check-In for Friday, May 7th, 2021.

  • Nightly Check-In May 7

    Nightly Check-In: Two Children Dead After Chula Vista House Fire

    Two young children are dead after a devastating house fire that sent their father to the hospital. Neighbors in Chula Vista react to the tragedy. Plus, new information from the county on how they hope to get more people vaccinated as demand starts to slow. NBC 7’s Catherine Garcia has your Nightly Check-In for May 6th, 2021.

  • Nightly Check-In May 6

    Nightly Check-In: Young Teens Soon To Be Vaccinated

    Young teens 12 to 15 may soon be able to get vaccinated in San Diego, if Pfizer’s formula is approved for that age group. And those shots could happen at their school campuses. Plus, a look at how Cinco de Mayo is being celebrated here. NBC 7’s Mark Mullen has your Nightly Check-In for May 5th, 2021.

  • Nightly Check-In May 5

    Nightly Check-In: President Biden's Vaccination Goals

    President Biden has ambitious plans, setting a new vaccination goal of giving at least one covid-19 vaccine dose to 70 percent of American Adults by July 4th. And, those getting vaccinated could soon include 12- 15 year olds. The FDA is expected to authorize use of the Pfizer vaccine on that age group in the coming days. NBC7’s Catherine has...

  • Nightly Check-In May 4

    Nightly Check-In: Suspected Human Smuggling Operation Turns Deadly

    Dozens were injured and at least three people died after a boat carrying 32 passengers crashed into the rocks off Point Loma, sending the people overboard. Homeland security is now investigating. Plus, Medical experts are concerned that herd immunity for covid-19 iis farther off than we think. NBC7’s Catherine Garcia has the Nightly Check-In for Monday May 3rd, 2021.

  • Nightly Check-In May 1

    Nightly Check-In: Herd Immunity Not in Reach for Some Zip Codes

    Some zip codes here in San Diego County now have vaccination rates nearing herd immunity, but NBC 7 Investigates found that many zip codes are still a long way from that target. Plus, a new addition to an iconic spot in Balboa Park. NBC 7’s Catherine Garcia has the Nightly Check-In for Friday, April 30th.

  • Nightly Check-In Apr 30

    Nightly Check-In: Caught On Camera, Anti-Mask Protestors Harassing Employees

    A maskless mob is going around the North County harassing grocery store workers. The backlash is now prompting some to speak up for employees just trying to do their jobs. Plus, as Covid-19 restrictions start to loosen up, local movie theaters are still struggling. NBC 7’s Omari Fleming has the Nightly Check-In for Thursday, April 29th.

  • Nightly Check-In Apr 29

    Nightly Check-In: Local Doctor's Answer for Reaching Herd Immunity

    Lines at vaccination sites are dwindling down across San Diego County. Now, the challenge is getting the rest of the county to get vaccinated to reach herd immunity. Tonight we’ll hear one local doctor’s solution. Plus, a 17-year-old singer receives a full ride to a prestigious conservatory. NBC 7’s Mark Mullen has the Nightly Check-In for Wednesday, April 28th....

  • Nightly Check-In Apr 28

    Nightly Check-In: Relaxed Mask Mandate for Fully Vaccinated People

    The CDC relaxed its mask mandate, saying fully vaccinated Americans do not need to wear facial coverings outside unless they’re in a big crowd. Also: San Diego County begins accepting walk-ins at all of its vaccine sites. Plus: A local restaurant that offers free tacos for every home run Fernando Tatis Jr. hits. NBC 7’s Mark Mullen has the Nightly...

  • Nightly Check-In Apr 27

    Nightly Check-In: Innocent Bystander Killed By Man Who Jumped off Building

    It’s a story so tragic it’s hard to believe it could even happen: A man who jumped to his death off a downtown building killed an innocent woman walking on the sidewalk below. Plus: The effort to recall Gov/ Gavin Newsom is officially in motion. NBC 7’s Mark Mullen has the Nightly Check-In for Monday, April 26

  • Nightly Check-In Apr 24

    Nightly Check-In: Deadly Mass Shooting in Downtown

    America’s latest mass shooting is in our own backyard. As more details come to light in a deadly shooting spree in the Gaslamp Quarter, including the identity of the suspect, we’re now hearing from the hero who took him down before the police. Plus, the U.S. will resume use of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine. NBC 7’s Catherine Garcia...

  • Nightly Check-In Apr 23

    Nightly Check-In: San Diego Winning Race to Vaccinate

    Great news for our county, now leading among other California cities in the number of shots given out. Just how affective are those vaccines in the real world, though? We’ve got the answer. Plus, a preview of a major transit project now underway in San Diego and how you can get involved in its development. NBC 7’s Catherine Garcia has...

  • Nightly Check-In Apr 22

    Nightly Check-In: San Diegans Push for Systemic Change

    Momentum for change continues in San Diego and across the U.S. tonight as the nation reflects on Derek Chauvin’s conviction and the larger issue of police reform. Plus, San Diego is leading the state in vaccinations. The county’s positive outlook on the ongoing battle against COVID-19. NBC 7’s Mark Mullen has the Nightly Check-In for Wednesday, April...

  • Nightly Check-In Apr 21

    Nightly Check-In: Emotional Reactions to Chauvin Guilty Verdict

    Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin is found guilty on all three counts in the death of George Floyd. A range of emotional reactions is pouring in across the nation and here San Diego tonight. Plus, Covid took us all by surprise and people unprepared for the death of loved ones faced both an unexpected loss and an unexpected funeral...

  • Nightly Check-In Apr 20

    Nightly Check-In: Death After Being Detained, Body Camera Video Released

    Tonight: shocking body camera video showing how a man died while in MTS custody. The agency has admitted they were wrong and are now trying to make amends with the man’s family. Plus, you’re now able to buy at-home Covid-19 tests from some of your local pharmacies. NBC 7’s Catherine Garcia has the Nightly Check-In for Monday, April 19th....

  • Nightly Check-In Apr 17

    Nightly Check-In: New Guidance on Gatherings

    It’s a sharp turnaround from the state’s slow reopening. New state guidance is now allowing for more people at indoor concerts, private gatherings, and sports stadiums. And this all comes just in time for Padres fans to make the most of it this weekend. Plus, we hear from a local 12-year-old taking part in a clinical vaccine trial. NBC 7’s...

  • Nightly Check-In Apr 16

    Nightly Check-In: The Fake Kidnapping Scam You Need to Know About

    A frightening new take on a phone scam targeting parents and grandparents. It has identity theft experts saying don’t trust what you hear over the phone, even if you’re hearing the voice of a loved one. Plus, vaccine eligibility expands to all Californians ages 16 and up. We’ll look at how our vaccination centers were impacted. NBC 7’s Catherine Garcia...

  • Nightly Check-In Apr 15

    Nightly Check-In: Must-See Illegal Drug and Gambling Operation

    Tonight: a huge gambling and drug raid involving more than 20 locations and nearly 50 suspects. We have the stunning images of the illegal drugs and gaming machines found. Plus, we’re officially 100 days until the Tokyo Olympics.As the games get closer and a champion BMX racer can’t wait.NBC 7’s Catherine Garcia has the Nightly Check-In for Wednesday, April 14th....

  • Nightly Check-In Apr 14

    Nightly Check-In: J&J Vaccine Halted After Blood Clotting Cases

    The most in-demand Covid vaccine in the nation, the one-and-done Johnson and Johnson, has been shelved tonight after six women developed a rare blood-clotting disorder. We’ll have the impact on San Diego’s vaccination efforts. Plus, if you shop local you could receive free public transit. NBC 7’s Catherine Garcia has the Nightly Check-In for Tuesday, April 13th.

  • Nightly Check-In Apr 13

    Nightly Check-In: Looming Shortage of Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

    Holding out for the “one and done” Johnson and Johnson vaccine. But high demand for that particular vaccine comes as the state faces a dramatic cut in supply of Johnson and Johnson doses. Plus, fans of Padres pitcher and hometown hero Joe Musgrove are still riding high after the El Cajon native threw the franchise’s first ever no-hitter. NBC 7’s...

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