• nbc6 pride Dec 5, 2019

    For Trans Activists, Recent Setbacks Temper Long-Term Hopes

    Amid their annual vigils for transgender homicide victims, trans rights activists in the U.S. are trying to maintain long-term optimism even as many hard-won protections are under threat. Just a few weeks ago, President Donald Trump’s administration argued before the Supreme Court that employers should be allowed to fire workers because they are transgender. The administration also has moved to...

  • JUDGE Sep 13, 2019

    In Era of Legal Pot, Can Police Search Cars Based on Odor?

    Sniff and search is no longer the default for police in some of the 33 states that have legalized marijuana. Traditionally, an officer could use the merest whiff of weed to justify a warrantless vehicle search, and whatever turned up — pot, other kinds of illegal drugs, something else the motorist wasn’t allowed to have — could be used as...

  • JUDGE Sep 11, 2019

    Weed Bouquets: Saying ‘I Do' With Your Best Buds

    There’s something blooming when it comes to wedding planning: brides are using cannabis plants to arrange bridal bouquets. The growing trend in marijuana matrimony has guests waking up and smelling the roses as couples take their special day to a higher level.

  • DONALD TRUMP Aug 23, 2019

    Trump Admin. Plans for Utah Monument Guts Protections, Opens Site to Mining

    The U.S. government’s final management plan for lands in and around a Utah national monument that President Donald Trump downsized doesn’t include many new protections for the cliffs, canyons, waterfalls and arches found there, but it does include a few more safeguards than were in a proposal issued last year. The Bureau of Land Management’s plan for the Grand Staircase-Escalante...

  • JUDGE Jul 3, 2019

    Judge Blocks Trump Policy Keeping Asylum-Seekers Locked Up

    A federal judge in Seattle on Tuesday blocked a Trump administration policy that would keep thousands of asylum-seekers locked up while they pursue their cases, saying the Constitution demands that such migrants have a chance to be released from custody. U.S. District Judge Marsha Pechman ruled Tuesday that people who are detained after entering the country illegally to seek protection...

  • DONALD TRUMP Jun 29, 2019

    Judge Weighs New US Policy Keeping Asylum Seekers Locked Up

    Immigrant rights activists asked a U.S. judge Friday to block a new Trump administration policy that would keep thousands of asylum seekers locked up while they pursue their cases, instead of giving them a chance to be released on bond. Attorney General William Barr announced the policy in April as part of the administration’s efforts to deter a surge of...

  • Associated Press Jun 5, 2019

    Is ‘Big Tech' Too Big? A Look at Growing Antitrust Scrutiny

    Is Big Tech headed for a big breakup? The U.S. Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission are moving to investigate Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple over their aggressive business practices, and the House Judiciary Committee has announced an unprecedented antitrust probe , promising “a top-to-bottom review of the market power held by giant tech platforms.” In addition, at least...

  • DONALD TRUMP May 7, 2019

    Georgia's Republican Gov. Kemp Signs Fetal Heartbeat Abortion Ban

    Georgia’s Republican Gov. Brian Kemp signed legislation on Tuesday banning abortions once a fetal heartbeat can be detected. That can be as early as six weeks, before many women know they’re pregnant. Kemp said he was signing the bill “to ensure that all Georgians have the opportunity to live, grow, learn and prosper in our great state.” The signing caps...

  • CONGRESS May 3, 2019

    Judges Declare Ohio's Congressional Map Unconstitutional

    A federal court ruled Friday that Ohio’s congressional map is unconstitutional and ordered a new one be drawn for the 2020 elections. A three-judge panel of the U.S. District Court in Cincinnati ruled unanimously that district boundaries were manipulated for partisan gain by Republican mapmakers and violates voters’ rights to democratically select their representatives. The ruling blocks Ohio from holding...

  • DONALD TRUMP Mar 30, 2019

    ‘Heartbeat' Abortion Ban Heads to Georgia Governor's Desk

    Watchful eyes now turn to Georgia’s Republican Gov. Brian Kemp, wondering when he might sign a “heartbeat” abortion ban that he supported and helped push through. The Georgia House gave final approval Friday to legislation outlawing abortions after a fetal heartbeat can be detected, sending the bill to Kemp. If enacted, it’d be among the strictest abortion bans in the...

  • officer Mar 10, 2019

    Modern Policing: Algorithm Helps NYPD Spot Crime Patterns

    When a syringe-wielding drill thief tried sticking up a Home Depot near Yankee Stadium, police figured out quickly that it wasn’t a one-off. A man had also used a syringe a few weeks earlier while stealing a drill at another Home Depot 7 miles south in Manhattan. The match, though, wasn’t made by an officer looking through files. It was...

  • DONALD TRUMP Feb 6, 2019

    Trump Judicial Pick: ‘I Cringe' at Past Remarks on Date Rape

    President Donald Trump’s nominee to replace Brett Kavanaugh on a high-profile appeals court said Tuesday she cringes at some of the language she used as a college student in writing about sexual assault, race and equal rights for women. Neomi Rao told the Senate Judiciary Committee that writings in which she criticized affirmative action and suggested that intoxicated women were...

  • New York Dec 29, 2018

    Elections, Films Help Effort to Ban Gay Conversion Therapy

    Activists urging more states to ban gay conversion therapy for minors are expecting major gains in 2019, thanks to midterm election results and the buzz generated by two well-reviewed films.

  • The Associated Press Sep 11, 2018

    He Was Convicted of a Sex Crime — Until Investigators Found a Dog His Accuser Said He'd Killed

    The discovery of a black Labrador named Lucy led to the unraveling of a criminal case Monday against an Oregon man who had begun serving a 50-year prison sentence. Joshua Horner, a plumber from the central Oregon town of Redmond, was convicted on April 12, 2017, of sexual abuse of a minor. In the trial, the complainant testified Horner had...

  • San Diego Jul 16, 2018

    1st Comic-Con of the MeToo Era Grapples With Harassment

    Comic-Con, the annual gathering of over 130,000 fans, artists, collectors and geek culture savants, has already been changed by the #MeToo and Time’s Up era, with at least one notable figure stepping aside due to sexual misconduct allegations. But questions remain about its atmosphere and whether convention organizers will take any extra steps to address longstanding allegations of harassment issues...

  • DONALD TRUMP Jun 19, 2018

    ‘Don't Leave Me, Mom': Detainee Tells of Separation From Son

    The call came at mealtime — an anonymous threat demanding $5,000 or her son’s life. So Blanca Orantes-Lopez, her 8-year-old boy and his father packed up and left the Pacific surfing town of Puerto La Libertad in El Salvador and headed for the United States.

  • DONALD TRUMP Jun 17, 2018

    Erosion of Immigrant Protections Began Trump's First Week

    The Trump administration’s move to separate immigrant parents from their children on the U.S.-Mexico border has grabbed attention around the world, drawn scorn from human-rights organizations and overtaken the immigration debate in Congress. It’s also a situation that has been brewing since the week President Donald Trump took office, when he issued his first order signaling a tougher approach to...

  • DONALD TRUMP May 30, 2018

    More LGBT Issues Loom as Justices Near Wedding Cake Decision

    A flood of lawsuits over LGBT rights is making its way through courts and will continue, no matter the outcome in the Supreme Court’s highly anticipated decision in the case of a Colorado baker who would not create a wedding cake for a same-sex couple. Courts are engaged in two broad types of cases on this issue, weighing whether sex...

  • Governor May 16, 2018

    Nation's Most Restrictive Abortion Law is Challenged in Iowa

    A lawsuit challenging the nation’s most restrictive abortion law was filed Tuesday in Iowa, a state that for years was largely left out of Republican efforts to overturn abortion protections and where the Democratic attorney general has refused to defend the law. If allowed to take effect on July 1 as planned, the law would ban most abortions once a...

  • JUDGE Apr 13, 2018

    Red Flag Gun Laws May Prevent More Suicides Than Mass Shootings

    Interest in red flag laws has surged since a February school shooting in Parkland, Florida, left 17 people dead. Documents show that months before the massacre, school officials and police were so concerned about the mental stability of the suspect, Nikolas Cruz, that they wanted him forcibly committed. That never happened. But statistically, the gun tragedy most likely to touch...

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