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    AP-NORC Poll: Trump Approval Remains Steady During Pandemic

    Americans’ views on the federal and state government handling of the coronavirus crisis are starting to sour — yet President Donald Trump’s personal approval rating has remained steady

  • Michigan Oct 22, 2019

    Poll: Some Workers Changing Actions Amid #MeToo

    Barbara Myers started work as an apprentice electrician in 1995, and over the years she learned to shoot back sexual banter on the job site as much as she had to take it from some of her coworkers. Those days, she says, are starting to change. “I have worked over the last several years, actually, to really be much more...

  • Southern California Jun 6, 2019

    Poll: Some Younger Workers Not Happy With Graying Workforce

    A rising share of older Americans is forgoing the concept of a traditional retirement at the age of 65, a trend that some younger workers aren’t particularly thrilled to see. A recent poll by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research found that workers under the age of 50 were significantly more likely to view America’s aging workforce as...

  • San Diego Mar 15, 2019

    San Diego Students Skip Class, Demand Climate Change Action

    With chants supporting a Green New Deal and denouncing fossil fuels, San Diego County students skipped class Friday and join hundreds of thousands across the globe to demand action on climate change.

  • DONALD TRUMP May 30, 2018

    Young People Feel More Politically Empowered: Poll

    Don’t tell 20-year-old Nestor Aguilera he can’t effect change in politics. The Indiana University business major protested outside President Donald Trump’s recent appearance in Aguilera’s home of Elkhart, Indiana. And while he admits he didn’t vote in 2016, he’s promising to show up for this fall’s midterm elections. “If young people decide to go out there and vote, we have...

  • California Mar 25, 2018

    Powerful Moments From Speeches at March for Our Lives Rally

    Hear some of the most emotional moments from student speeches at the Washington, D.C., March for Our Lives rally on March 24.

  • DONALD TRUMP Mar 20, 2018

    Nearly 6 in 10 Americans Think Trump Is Racist: Poll

    More than half of Americans, including large majorities of blacks and Hispanics, think President Donald Trump is a racist. More than half think his policies have made things worse for Hispanics and Muslims, and nearly half say they’ve made things worse for African Americans. According to a new poll by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, 57 percent...

  • DONALD TRUMP Mar 19, 2018

    Americans Say Congress Listens to the Wrong People: Study

    Looking for common ground with your neighbor these days? Try switching subjects from the weather to Congress. Chances are, you both agree it’s terrible. In red, blue or purple states, in middle America or on the coasts, most Americans loathe the nation’s legislature. One big reason: Most think lawmakers are listening to all the wrong people, suggests a new study...

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