• Nutrition Apr 12

    The 5 Superfoods That Will Change Your Life

    Lifestyle expert Danny Seo takes us through five magical superfoods that are shown to support your health. These unique food finds, such as macadamia oil and almond protein powder, can be easily incorporated into your daily meals or smoothies. Dani does some taste testing.

  • Nutrition Apr 6

    Your Guide to Fermentation

    We’ve heard that microbes from fermented foods are good for our guts, but how exactly does fermentation work? Ross visits Shane Peterson, author of the award-winning cookbook “The Farmhouse Culture Guide to Fermenting,” to understand the lactic acid fermentation process. Watch and learn how you can treat your digestive system by fermenting your own foods at home.

  • Nutrition Mar 31

    Why Dark Chocolate Can Help You Alleviate Depression

    We know that what we eat impacts our body, but food has a huge impact on our mental health according to psychiatrist and farmer Dr. Drew Ramsey. He talks to us about his new book “Eat to Beat Depression and Anxiety” and how some unexpected foods—such as dark chocolate or clam chowder—can be used as levers to treat your mood....

  • Make It Mar 19

    To ‘Stay Healthy and Strong,' a Dietician Eats These 5 Staple Foods of the Mediterranean Diet

    Want to improve your health and longevity? Nutritionist Lauren Armstrong recommends trying to incorporate foods from the Mediterranean diet—which is high in vegetables, fruits, olive oil and whole grains, and moderate in protein and animal fats—into your eating routine. Here’s why.

  • Nutrition Mar 16

    Naturade Promotes Plant-Based Health in the African-American Community

    Health supplements have become a normal part of our everyday life. But very few are made by African Americans for African Americans. Co-owners of Naturade, Claude Tellis and Kareem Cook, believe COVID has exposed the underbelly of diet-related illnesses in the African-American community. As the plant-based movement continues to grow, they want to continue riding the wave of support from...

  • healthy food Feb 27

    Chomp On This: Guilt-Free Nachos

    Nachos don’t have to be loaded in calories and fat! Amber Pfister chats with Chef Jamie Gwen about how to make healthy nachos – with a Mediterranean twist!
    Chef Jamie Gwen is a paid spokesperson for Ralphs.

  • Healthy Recipe Feb 26

    Savory Shrimp Wraps Without The Guilt

    Stress-eating without the guilt or the gut! Amber Pfister and Chef Jamie Gwen show us how to make simple and healthy shrimp lettuce wraps. Chef Jamie Gwen is a paid spokesperson for Ralphs.

  • Nutrition Feb 26

    Boost Your Breakfast With This Power Bowl

    Chef Jamie Gwen shares her favorite new breakfast with Amber Pfister: a blueberry quinoa bowl. Chef Jamie Gwen is a paid spokesperson for Ralphs.

  • Nutrition Feb 16

    3 Simple Plant-Based Swaps to Improve Heart Health

    A hotdog that’s made from carrots? Before jumping to conclusions, hear nutritionist Ashley Reinke out. Processed foods that are high in saturated fats—like animal products and pastries—are okay in moderation, but we should really try to replace them with plant-based goodies. So she’s showing us three healthy plant-based swaps for coffee creamer, salad dressing, and hot dog meat to incorporate...

  • Nutrition Feb 2

    Nutrition Tips for a Better Night's Sleep

    Having trouble sleeping? Believe it or not, your diet may have something to do with it. Nutritionist Ashley Reinke-Hawk is helping us get a good night’s sleep by sharing foods to avoid eating prior to bedtime and foods that are natural sources of melatonin. Sweet dreams!

  • Nutrition Jan 27

    3 Superfoods to Boost Immunity

    The saying “you are what you eat” is especially true as we look for ways to stay healthy this winter. If you’re looking for ways to jumpstart your immune system, registered dietician Patricia Bannan is giving us the scoop on three superfoods to stock up on and easy ways to incorporate them into recipes.

  • Nutrition Jan 16

    Top 5 Vitamin D-Rich Foods to Support Immunity

    Even in sunny California, many people are vitamin D-deficient. It’s not just sun exposure that activates this important nutrient that’s been proven to have promising benefits to our immune systems. It’s also diet, which is why nutrition expert Liz Shaw is back to share some whole foods that are natural sources of vitamin D to support our immune health during...

  • coronavirus Jan 12

    Stock Up on These 9 Healthy Foods to Boost Your Immune System During Coronavirus, Says Doctor and Dietitian

    As cases of coronavirus continue to rise, taking daily precautions such as washing your hands, social distancing, exercising and getting enough sleep is key to lowering risk of infection. But maintaining a healthy diet to help boost your immune system may also give you an edge.

  • wellness Jan 7

    Don't Try the Sirtfood Diet Just Because it Worked for Adele (and More Nutrition Tips for 2021)

    Adele saw great results on the Sirtfood diet, but is it worth it? Probably not. And should you be boosting your Vitamin D? In this pandemic? Heck yeah. Our nutrition experts weigh in on which habits to keep and which ones to ditch in 2021.

  • Nutrition Oct 20, 2020

    Importance of Eating Healthy During a Pandemic, as Explained by Nutritionist

    Since a vaccine is still in the works to combat COVID-19, we’re left trying just about anything to stay as healthy a possible during a pandemic. One thing that everyone can all do, however, is to boost their immune system with healthy foods. Health professionals tell NBC 7 if someone gets COVID-19 or the flu, or even both, it’ll...

  • Consumer Reports Oct 6, 2020

    The Hottest and Most Nutritious Frozen Foods

    Many of us are cooking more these days, but even the best home chef needs a break now and then. If takeout isn’t your thing or you’re in a hurry and need something fast, Consumer Reports says look no further than your freezer for revamped tasty and nutritious frozen meals.

  • Nutrition Sep 22, 2020

    Easy Tips For Decoding a Nutrition Label

    For the average American nutrition labels are perplexing and overwhelming leaving us playing “guessing games” on what to consume. Health expert Christine Lusita shares the ingredients we should instantly reject and tips on how to make food labels easy to decode so we can keep our bodies healthy.

  • LX Sep 10, 2020

    Moving Forward: How the ‘Fit for Us' Wellness Initiative is Empowering the Black Community

    The lack of health resources in Black communities has been a growing concern that has only magnified with the pandemic. Coach Percell Dugger is the co-founder of “Fit for Us” which advocates for Black fitness professionals and under-served communities through consulting services to provide better opportunities for industry success.

  • food deserts Jul 23, 2020

    How Two Los Angeles Entrepreneurs Are Fighting America's Food Desert Crisis

    In 2018, one analysis found there were four liquor stores for every grocery store in South Los Angeles. That’s why the Healthy Neighborhood Market Network is transforming liquor stores into healthy food stores—without getting rid of the liquor. Twelve miles away in Compton, Roland Jackson is also on a mission to provide locals with healthy food options. NBCLX’s Cody Broadway...

  • food allergies Jul 21, 2020

    Food Products May Now Contain Unlisted Ingredients

    The Food and Drug Administration is temporarily allowing manufacturers of packaged foods to substitute ingredients without changing the labels, meaning you might not know exactly what’s in the product.

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