• self-care Oct 11

    Power Couple Makes Massages Affordable for All

    The owners behind Sand Spa are on a mission – provide treatments that don’t break the bank! California Live’s Amber Pfister gives us a tour.

  • self-care May 27

    Meet Oprah's Favorite Nail Technician

    “California Live” visits Oprah’s nail technician, the Footnanny, at Salon Republic in Beverly Hills. We find out how Gloria L. Williams convinced Oprah to let her do her nails and why her business took off from there—including three warehouses full of her foot creams and salts. Plus, we learn the method behind the old-fashioned foot rub down.

  • self-care Apr 28

    ‘Mixed-ish' Tika Sumpter on Taking Pause

    “Mixed-ish” Tika Sumpter wants people to take time for themselves which is why she is the face of a meaningful campaign around taking a pause from life. She tells “California Live” why she’s advocating for self-care, specifically for black women. Also, we hear about season 2 of “Mixed-ish” and why the crux of the show is comedy with intention.

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