• baseball Nov 13

    #OnFriar Podcast: Padres Shut Out of Major Postseason Awards

    Jake Cronenworth finished 2nd in the National League Rookie of the Year voting. Jayce Tingler was also runner-up for the Manager of the Year. On Thursday, Manny Machado was a finalist for the NL MVP and finished a frustrating trifecta. Machado finished 3rd behind winner Freddie Freeman and runner-up Mookie Betts. Manny’s teammate, Fernando Tatis Jr., came in 4th...

  • baseball Nov 5

    LISTEN: OnFriar Podcast Talks Padres Free Agency

    MLB’s Hot Stove has been lit once more. The Padres have some roster decisions to make. Which free agents will they keep? Which ones should they keep? On this week’s episode of the OnFriar Podcast hosts Darnay Tripp and Derek Togerson rank the importance of each free agent and the likelihood of each one staying in San Diego. Speaking...

  • baseball Oct 29

    OnFriar Podast: A Botched World Series Call Could Change Baseball Forever

    Rays skipper Kevin Cash will be second-guessed for years for removing Blake Snell from Game 6. In fact, it was such a big decision that it could change the way the World Series is managed moving forward. On the OnFriar Podcast, former big league All-Star Bret Boone talks about moving back towards managing with your gut AND a stat sheet….

  • baseball Oct 15

    OnFriar Podcast: Padres G.M. Talks Elbows, Expectations and Extensions

    The Padres had a heck of a season, but they’re still not on the same level as the division-rival Dodgers. Or are they? Had their top two starters been available we might have seen a very different NLDS result. In this week’s OnFriar Podcast, we get an injury update on Mike Clevinger and Dinelson Lamet straight from the mouth...

  • baseball Oct 9

    #OnFriar Podcast Discusses the End of the Padres Season and A Promising Friars Future

    It did not end the way they wanted it to. But this is certainly not the end. The Padres lost three straight games to the Dodgers in the National League Division Series, the last one a blowout on a bullpen day that went haywire. Los Angeles is still the best in the west, and the entire National League. So how…

  • baseball Oct 2

    LISTEN: #OnFriar Podcast Padres Bats Erupt in Playoff Win

    The Padres were down 6-2 to the Cardinals in the 6th inning in an elimination game on Thursday night at Petco Park. Then Bebo happened. Fernando Tatis Jr. hit a 3-run home run that sent a bolt of lighting through the whole organization. The Friars went of a dinger binge, hitting 5 bombs in three innings, two each by Tatis…

  • baseball Sep 28

    LISTEN: #OnFriar Podcast Padres Playoffs Preview

    For the first time in 14 years the Padres get to play a post-season game. The team they played the last time they went to the playoffs is the team that’s waiting for them this time. The Cardinals earned the National League’s #5 seed on the final day of the regular season. In their three previous post-season meetings St. Louis…

  • baseball Aug 31

    Who Are These Guys? Breaking Down Padres Trade-A-Palooza

    In the span of about 48 hours the Padres were involved in trading a small village. It started on Saturday when they sent a couple of prospects to Kansas City for reliever Trevor Rosenthal and culminated (maybe) on Monday morning with a blockbuster that landed starter Mike Clevinger from Cleveland. All told, 24 players are switching uniforms, a wild weekend…

  • baseball Aug 29

    Padres Trade for Bullpen Help

    For the first time in a decade the Padres are nearing September as legitimate playoff contenders. On Saturday they made a move to shore up their most glaring insufficiency: the bullpen. The Friars swung a deal with the Royals, sending rookie outfielder Edward Olivares and a player to me named later to Kansas City in exchange for reliever Trevor Rosenthal….

  • baseball Aug 29

    Padres Pound Out 19 Hits in Colorado

    The Padres probably don’t want to keep falling behind early in games. But if they end up scoring 10 unanswered runs, it’s probably OK to do on occasion. The Friars fell behind the Rockies 4-0 in the first inning at Coors Field but their bats went bonkers in a 10-4 win on Friday night. Interestingly, San Diego, who entered...

  • baseball Aug 9

    Padres Blast 6 Home Runs in Win

    Fernando Tatis Jr. did not lead off a third straight game with a home run. Instead he waited until the 2nd inning to go deep and this time the Padres didn’t waste it. The Friars smashed six home runs, four of them off All-Star Madison Bumgarner, and starting pitcher Dinelson Lamet took a no-hitter into the 7th inning in...

  • baseball Aug 7

    LISTEN: Padres Expert Bill Center Puts Tatis Jr. Into Historical Perspective on #OnFriar Podcast

    Everyone in baseball knows what a special talent the Padres have in Fernando Tatis Jr. But just how good can the kid be? How about Rickey Henderson or even Tony Gwynn good. That’s not just us saying it. The person who’s covered more San Diego baseball games than anyone else on earth sees it, too. On this week’s OnFriar...

  • baseball Jul 4

    Padres Approach to 2020: Move Fast But be Safe

    The Padres only have three weeks to get ready for the 2020 season so players had better have come to Spring Training 2.0 in the best shape possible. It appears they’ve done that for the most part. “(I’ve been) getting pretty good feedback from the coaches, the strength coaches, the trainers, on what kind of shape they’re in,” says...

  • San Diego Padres Jun 25

    #OnFriar Podcast: What Will a 60-Game Season Look Like?

    Baseball, more than any other game, loves its statistics. When Roger Maris hit 61 home runs in 1961 baseball placed an * by it in the record books because he did it in a 162-game season and Babe Ruth hit 60 dingers in a 154 game season. So what are baseball’s stats going to look like in 2020 with a…

  • coronavirus May 29

    OnFriar Podcast: Petco Park About to Get Busy Again

    We still aren’t sure when or if baseball will be played at Petco Park in 2020 but now we know the jewel in Downtown San Diego’s East Village is going to start hosting big events again. The Padres are joining several other public spots in starting to re-open in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic with a unique way...

  • OnFriar May 1

    #OnFriar Podcast: Listen as Statistician Ryan Spaeder Adds Perspective on Gwynn and Tatis Jr.

    Baseball fans need their baseball fix. Sometimes that comes just by talking with other baseball fans. That’s what happened on this week’s OnFriar Podcast. NBC 7’s Darnay Tripp and Derek Togerson talk to Ryan Spaeder (@theaceofspaeder on Twitter, @theaceofspaeder on Instagram), an author of two and soon to be three books on baseball including Incredible Baseball Stats. Ryan is...

  • Padres Mar 27

    #OnFriar Podcast: Still Waiting for Baseball

    Thursday would have been a celebration at Petco Park. The Padres were scheduled to play the Rockies in the first game of the 2020 Major League Baseball season. The coronavirus pandemic has placed the season (and the entire American sports world really) on indefinite hold. But on a day like this the OnFriar Podcast will still talk Padres baseball. NBC…

  • Padres Mar 13

    #OnFriar Podcast: COVID-19 Stops Baseball

    The coronavirus pandemic has taken its toll on the sports world. Among the many leagues that have suspended or cancelled play is Major League Baseball, who on Thursday decided to cancel all remaining Spring Training games and delay the start of the 2020 regular season by at least two weeks. So what does that mean for the Padres? That’s what…

  • Padres Mar 6

    #OnFriar Podcast: Does a Great Cactus League Record Mean Anything?

    The Padres are 10-2 in Cactus League Play. So do we celebrate or keep the pessimism that San Diego sports fans have rightfully earned? That’s one of the big topics on this week’s OnFriar Podcast. NBC 7’s Darnay Tripp and Derek Togerson take a look at what the Friars hot start to the exhibition season means … and what...

  • Padres Feb 28

    #OnFriar Podcast: Pitching Depth and Padres Prospects

    Wins in the Cactus League don’t mean anything. Neither do losses, really. It’s all in how you look when you’re playing. So the Padres 4-1 start to the exhibition season is nothing to get too excited about. OR IS IT? While the results are worthless, how a team looks along the way to the final score is immensely important...

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