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  • Governor Jul 16, 2018

    Puerto Ricans Cheer Return of Electricity, But Remain Wary

    It was finally a night to celebrate in Adjuntas, a village tucked into the mountains of central Puerto Rico. People pressed TV remote buttons, clicked on fans and plugged in refrigerators as electricity again flowed into homes that had been without power since two major hurricanes devastated the U.S. territory nearly a year ago. Lights are slowly coming on for...

  • NBC NEWS May 14, 2018

    Hurricanes Left Texas, Puerto Rico Teens Scrambling for Normal

    Teenagers in southeastern Texas and central Puerto Rico have had their lives altered forever by the hurricanes that devastated the regions last year, NBC News reports. Students are saying goodbye to friends who are leaving, struggling to help parents dealing with the turmoil and attending classes that aren’t yet back at full capacity. “Kids are having to grow up a...

  • CONGRESS Mar 16, 2018

    6 Months After Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico Pleads for Help

    Hurricane Maria shredded the electric poles in the plantain farming town of Corozal high in the mountains of central Puerto Rico, leaving tens of thousands of people without power or running water. Desperate, residents of Corozal’s Barrio Mana neighborhood asked federal officials for a generator to pump water from the well that supplies the neighborhood’s 130 families. That was nearly...

  • Governor Dec 26, 2017

    Dark, Desperate Christmas Without Power in Puerto Rico

    Three days before Christmas, Doris Martinez and daughter Miriam Narvaez joined their neighbors in a line outside city hall in Morovis, a town of 30,000 people still living without electricity in the mountains of central Puerto Rico more than three months after Hurricane Maria battered the U.S. island. They waited two hours under the searing sun for their twice-a-week handout...

  • Associated Press Oct 20, 2017

    What Puerto Rico Is Doing to Get the Power Back After Storm

    Electrical linemen descend from helicopters, balancing on steel girders 90 feet high on transmission towers in the mountains of central Puerto Rico, far from any road. At the same time, crews fan out across the battered island, erecting light poles and power lines in a block by block slog. A month after Hurricane Maria rolled across the center of Puerto...

  • DONALD TRUMP Sep 26, 2017

    Puerto Rico in Crisis: ‘No Water and Practically No Food’

    Supermarkets are gradually re-opening in hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico, but the situation is far from normal and many customers are going home disappointed. Most food stores and restaurants remain closed, largely because power is out for most of the island and few have generators or enough diesel to power them. The shops that were open Monday had long lines outside and...

  • Massachusetts Sep 25, 2017

    Feds Rush Aid to Puerto Rico While Trump Tweets About the Territory’s Debt

    The U.S. ramped up its response Monday to the humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico, even as President Donald Trump brought up the island’s struggles before Hurricane Maria struck — including “billions of dollars” in debt to “Wall Street and the banks which, sadly, must be dealt with.” The Trump administration has tried to blunt criticism that its response to Hurricane...

  • Associated Press Sep 26, 2017

    President Trump to Visit Puerto Rico

    President Donald Trump will visit Puerto Rico on Tuesday to view the hurricane damage personally. Trump talked about the rescue and recovery efforts, and the challenges presented due to the island’s location.

  • Massachusetts Sep 24, 2017

    Puerto Rico Still in the Dark in the Wake of Hurricane Maria

    Every night since Hurricane Maria hit, Miguel Martinez and his family have slept on mattresses on the porch to escape the heat inside their dark, stifling home. But it’s nearly impossible to sleep with temperatures in the mid-80s....
    At least once a night they climb to the roof to catch a hint of breeze. Then the 51-year-old construction worker, his three...

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