• Cancer Aug 8, 2019

    Medicare to Cover Breakthrough Gene Therapy for Some Cancers

    Expanding access to a promising but costly treatment, Medicare said Wednesday it will cover for some blood cancers a breakthrough gene therapy that revs up a patient’s own immune cells to destroy malignancies. Officials said Medicare will cover CAR-T cell therapies for certain types of lymphoma and leukemia. The cost of the treatments can run to hundreds of thousands of...

  • DONALD TRUMP Jul 8, 2019

    Congress Has Ambitious Agenda Tackling Health Care Costs

    Lawmakers are trying to set aside their irreconcilable differences over the Obama-era Affordable Care Act and work to reach bipartisan agreement on a more immediate health care issue, lowering costs for people who already have coverage. Returning from their Fourth of July recess, the Senate and House are pushing to end surprise medical bills, curb high prices for medicines, and...

  • Elizabeth Warren Apr 24, 2019

    Fact Check: The Facts on Medicare for All

    Sen. Bernie Sanders introduced the latest version of his Medicare for All legislation on April 10, with 13 Democratic co-sponsors. Four of them, plus Sanders himself, are running for the Democratic presidential nomination. Sanders says the bill, S. 1129, “would provide comprehensive and cost-effective health care for everyone,” while the White House has said the plan would “mandate a decrease...

  • The Associated Press Apr 18, 2019

    Doctors Use HIV in Gene Therapy to Fix ‘Bubble Boy' Disease

    They were born without a working germ-fighting system, every infection a threat to their lives. Now eight babies with “bubble boy disease” have had it fixed by a gene therapy made from one of the immune system’s worst enemies — HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. A study out Wednesday details how scientists turned this enemy virus into a savior,...

  • The Associated Press Apr 18, 2019

    Doctors Discover ‘Bubble Boy' Breakthrough

    A gene therapy developed at St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital has cured 10 infants born with a rare genetic disease called SCID-X1, also known as “Bubble Boy Disease,” which is named for the way kids have to be protected from germs.

  • Arizona Feb 7, 2019

    Tests Suggest Scientists Achieved 1st Gene Editing in the Body

    Scientists think they have achieved the first gene editing inside the body, altering DNA in adults to try to treat a disease, although it’s too soon to know if this will help. Preliminary results suggest that two men with a rare disorder now have a corrective gene at very low levels, which may not be enough to make the therapy...

  • Reporter Jun 12, 2018

    Top Cancer Researcher Resigns From Salk Institute

    Inder Verma, one of the world’s leading authorities on gene therapy and cancer has resigned his position with the Salk Institute for Biological Studies.

  • Reporter Apr 23, 2018

    Top Cancer Researcher Under Investigation by Salk Institute in San Diego

    Inder Verma, one of the world’s leading authorities on gene therapy and cancer, is under investigation, the Salk Institute for Biological Studies confirmed Monday.

  • director Mar 20, 2018

    Can Gene Therapy Be Harnessed to Fight the AIDS Virus?

    For more than a decade, the strongest AIDS drugs could not fully control Matt Chappell’s HIV infection. Now his body controls it by itself, and researchers are trying to perfect the gene editing that made this possible. Scientists removed some of his blood cells, disabled a gene to help them resist HIV, and returned these “edited” cells to him in...

  • Hillary Clinton Jan 4, 2018

    Fire Breaks out at Bill and Hillary Clinton's Westchester Compound

    A fire broke out at the New York compound of Bill and Hillary Clinton, police say.

  • Arizona Dec 28, 2017

    In a Milestone Year, Gene Therapy Finds a Place in Medicine

    After decades of hope and high promise, this was the year scientists really showed they could doctor DNA to successfully treat diseases. Gene therapies to treat cancer and even pull off the biblical-sounding feat of helping the blind to see were approved by U.S. regulators, establishing gene manipulation as a new mode of medicine. Almost 20 years ago, a teen’s...

  • Cancer Dec 19, 2017

    Gene Therapy for Rare Form of Blindness Wins US Approval

    U.S. health officials on Tuesday approved the nation’s first gene therapy for an inherited disease, a treatment that improves the sight of patients with a rare form of blindness. It marks another major advance for the emerging field of genetic medicine. The approval for Spark Therapeutics offers a life-changing intervention for a small group of patients with a vision-destroying genetic...

  • Massachusetts Dec 7, 2017

    Gene Therapy Shows Promise Against Blood-Clotting Disease

    Gene therapy has freed 10 men from nearly all symptoms of hemophilia for a year so far, in a study that fuels hopes that a one-time treatment can give long-lasting help and perhaps even cure the blood disease. Hemophilia almost always strikes males and is caused by lack of a gene that makes a protein needed for blood to clot....

  • Arizona Nov 16, 2017

    ‘Invisible Mending': US Scientists Try 1st Gene Editing in the Body

    Scientists for the first time have tried editing a gene inside the body in a bold attempt to permanently change a person’s DNA to try to cure a disease. The experiment was done Monday in California on 44-year-old Brian Madeux. Through an IV, he received billions of copies of a corrective gene and a genetic tool to cut his DNA...

  • Germany Nov 8, 2017

    Boy With Rare Disease Gets Brand New Skin With Gene Therapy

    Doctors treating a critically ill boy with a devastating skin disease used experimental gene therapy to create an entirely new skin for most of his body in a desperate attempt to save his life. Two years later, the doctors report the boy is doing so well that he doesn’t need any medication, is back in school and even playing soccer....

  • Pennsylvania Aug 31, 2017

    US Clears Breakthrough Gene Therapy for Childhood Leukemia

    Opening a new era in cancer care, U.S. health officials on Wednesday approved a breakthrough treatment that genetically engineers patients’ own blood cells into an army of assassins to seek and destroy childhood leukemia. The Food and Drug Administration called the approval historic, the first gene therapy to hit the U.S. market. Made from scratch for every patient, it’s one...

  • San Diego Apr 11, 2017

    Scientists Find New Way to Fight HIV at Scripps Research Institute

    A new approach to treating AIDS was discovered by scientists at the Scripps Research Institute (TSRI).

  • Europe Mar 6, 2017

    Gene Therapy to Fight a Blood Cancer Succeeds in Major Study

    An experimental gene therapy that turns a patient’s own blood cells into cancer killers worked in a major study, with more than one-third of very sick lymphoma patients showing no sign of disease six months after a single treatment, its maker said Tuesday. In all, 82 percent of patients had their cancer shrink at least by half at some point...

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