Where to Eat at Petco Park

Oh how times have changed. People used to solely eat cracker jacks and hot dogs at baseball games, but now there's so many options! Check out what Petco Park has to offer.

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ANTHONY'S FISH GROTTO The waterfront isn't the only place you can get fish from Anthony's. Get your fish fix at Petco in section 104 and 204.
BAJA BISTRO It wouldn't be San Diego without fish tacos at a baseball game. Check out Baja Bistro in section 205 of the stadium.
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BAY VIEW GRILL The game isn't the only thing you can watch, there's also a nice view of San Diego's waterfront. You can while munch on burgers and fries at Bay View Grill in sections 107, 300, 316 and 325.
BRICKHOUSE DELI Located in the historic Western Metal Supply Co. building, the Brickhouse Deli has some funkier foods to tempt your palate.
CLUB 19 Just because you're at a baseball game doesn't mean you can't experience fine dining. Club 19 in section 217 has mouthwatering items such as baked mac & cheese, truffle popcorn and shrimp pasta.
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Crunchtime Popcorn Salty, buttery popcorn is available in sections 101 and 303.
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DIEGO DOGS You can't go to baseball game and not be tempted by the scent of hot dogs. But Diego Dogs steps it up a notch with saucy takes on a classic game day snack. Check it out in section 129.
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DIPPIN' DOTS On a hot day, ice cream at the ballpark sounds good. Dippin' Dots in sections 122 and 308 has enough ice cream to cool you down.
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FILIPPI'S PIZZA Hot dogs aren't your thing? No worries, pizza is just as delicious and tastes just as wonderful when paired with beer. And there's plenty of places to get it at the park: Sections 103, 113, 211, 311 and 320 all offer up slices.
FRIAR FIT Watching your waistline? Then avoid the lines to Friar Franks and instead head over to Friar Fit in section 101. They have salads, fruit cups and healthy wraps for a nutritious meal.
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FRIAR FRANKS This game day hotspot offers up all your favorite ballpark food. Hot dogs, cracker jacks, peanuts and popcorn are readily available for Padres fans. Locations are sections 104, 115, 116, 137, 233, 305, 315 and 326.
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GLUTEN FREE STAND Health junkies will enjoy nutritious offerings at the Gluten Free Stand in section 104. Those avoiding gluten will be happy to hear that gluten free hot dogs exist.
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HALL OF FAME BAR & GRILL Located in beautiful brick building Western Metal Supply Co. is a delightful menu of paninis, nachos -- and a full service bar. We'll see you there.
HARBOR GRILL Get some all-American grub at Harbor Grill in section 202. The restaurant serves up burgers, fries kids meals for the little ones.
One of San Diego's favorite burger joints, Hodad's, has opened up at Petco Park. Let the celebration begin. Located in the second level of the stadium, Padres fans have multiple options to choose from for their burger fix.
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K STREET GRILL More classic ballpark dishes are ready to eat at K Street Grill in sections 130, 133, 225 and 230. Nachos, peanuts and sandwiches can tame even the hungriest Padres fan.
KETTLE AND CONE Fans with a sweet tooth can head over to Kettle and Cone in section 102 and 310 for a sugary fix. Ice cream, caramel apples and candy are only a few of the sweet treats being served up!
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MARGARITA It wouldn't be game day without...margaritas? Oh sure, why not. Located at section 102 and 312, Margarita can hook you up with a flavorful frozen drink.
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PCL BAR & GRILL</b Get ready to eat some wings at PCL Bar and Grill located at section 205. There's a variety of options for foodies, ranging from albacore tuna salad to a pretzel Reuben. Yum.
PADRES MEXICAN CAFE With only a few miles between San Diego and Mexico, it's practically necessary to include fare from south of the border. Get ready for some spicy favorites located at sections 104, 121 and 317.
PADRES WINE CART You stay classy, San Diego, with a glass of red wine at the game. Get your Chardonnay on in section 107.
Phil's BBQ recently opened in the ballpark inside Park at the Park.
RANDY JONES BBQ If your appetite is craving a 1/2 pound worth of meat, then head over to sections 104 and 213 for some prime time BBQ.
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SUH-WEET Might not want to take the kids here if it's close to bedtime. Suh-Weet serves up a sugary assortment of treats, including cotton candy and churros. Find it in section 206.
SWEET SPOT To cool down during warm summer games, head over to Sweet Spot in sections 226 and 328 to get some frozen lemonade.
TROLLEY STATION GRILL The best of American fare is hot and ready at Trolley Station Grill located in section 213. Make sure to try the peanuts -- they're delicious.
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