Student Debt

  • Student Loans Jan 17

    Student Debt Is Over $1.6 Trillion and Hardly Anyone Is Paying Down Their Loans

    The rapid increase of student loan debt has slowed over the past few years, but individual borrower balances aren’t going down mostly because hardly anybody is paying down their loans. Total indebtedness over the past year or so has stopped its meteoric rise, according to a study that Moody’s Investors Service released Thursday. Nevertheless, the study showed a number...

  • Student Debt Jan 10

    NY Bankruptcy Judge's Ruling Could Help People Get Rid of Student Loans

    A lawyer managed to get own his massive, years-old student debt thrown out in New York bankruptcy court this week, after he was able to prove the burden was so huge he could never afford to pay it. The ruling potentially has huge implications for others suffering under crushing student debt loads, as it condemns the common belief that such…

  • Student Debt Dec 30, 2019

    How Student Debt Came to Define People's Lives

    Student loans have become a defining feature of American life. It was 10 years ago that education debt eclipsed credit card debt. The next year, in 2011, it exceeded auto debt. As we enter a new decade, outstanding student debt trails only mortgages and is expected to top $2 trillion in the next couple of years. Around 43 million people in the…

  • Student Debt Dec 11, 2019

    University of Phoenix Agrees to Cancel $141 Million in Student Debt

    The University of Phoenix for-profit college and its parent company will pay $50 million and cancel $141 million in student debt to settle allegations of deceptive advertisement brought by the Federal Trade Commission. The deal announced Tuesday settles a dispute over an ad campaign unrolled in 2012 touting partnerships with companies including Microsoft, Twitter and Adobe and suggesting the school...

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