See Monarchs Year-Round at Encinitas Butterfly Farms

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Monarch butterflies migrate north from Mexico to several areas along the California coast where they lay eggs during the spring. Monarch butterflies are the only two-way migrators other than birds.
In 2018, a drastic drop was recorded by agencies that track the migration of butterflies. Climate change and deforestation have contributed to a steady decline, though scientists do not know what caused the sudden drop last year.
Butterfly Ranch is a nonprofit dedicated to the conservation of the monarch butterfly, which has seen a population decline over the past two decades, according to the World Wildlife Fund.
At Butterfly Farms, located at 441 Saxony Road in Encinitas, visitors can not only see monarch butterflies but a variety of species. Guests may also catch "butterflies" before they transform, either as caterpillars or cocoons.
Butterfly Farms is open April through November 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and their hours vary during the winter. Call (760)613-5867 for exact times.
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