The Results Are In: Pup Gus Elected Canine Mayor of Coronado

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Norma Hall
The votes for the 2018 Coronado Canine Mayoral Election were tallied Tuesday and Gus was the clear winner with more than 10,000 votes.
The election doubles as a fundraiser with each dollar donated to the PAWS Special Medical Needs Fund counting as a vote in the race, More than 20,000 votes were cast, meaning the city raised more than $20,000 for the fund, which supports lost and stray dogs in Coronado.
Norma Hall
Norma Hall
Mayor Gus is joined by elected officials Vice Mayor Lacey and Councilmembers Moxie, Gus Plumb, Norman and Byron to serve the city of Coronado.
Norma Hall
Mayor Gus and his dog mom, Norma Hall.
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