Exclusive: Images Show Destruction After Police Patrol Vehicle Slams Into Barrio Logan Store

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Wade Battikah
Images from inside Ponderosa Deli Market from owner Wade Battikah show the destruction left behind after a San Diego Community College Patrol Car came smashing through the storefront.
Wade Battikah
It was not clear what sent the patrol car through the market's wall but the officer was left with serious injuries to his leg.
Ponderosa Deli Market's owner, Wade Battikah, said he has own the store since 1984. When the patrol vehicle smashed through his building, he was in the back corner checking his phone.
"Thank God I was in that corner because everything came in."
Investigators lined police tape around a large chunk of National Avenue & Cesar E. Chavez Parkway to look into the crash.
The view from the outside shows several streets blocked off for a police investigation.
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