Ashes Stolen from Woman’s Car

A woman has put a call out on social media to help find her sister's ashes, which were stolen from her car.

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Alyssa Henderson
Alyssa Henderson put the call out on social media to help find the pendant holding her twin sister's ashes after someone stolen them from her car near the Otay Mesa Port of Entry on Jan. 26, 2016.
Alyssa Henderson
The thief broke the window to her Toyota Corolla and got inside.
Alyssa Henderson
The suspect absconded with the ashes, Henderson's boyfriend's duffel bag and his keys to his 1997 Malibu and 1988 Ford Ranger.
Alyssa Henderson
She said while she doesn't have a picture, the duffel bag is a grey and black Adidas brand.
Alyssa Henderson
Monica Henderson died in September from a liver disease.
Alyssa Henderson
The family split her ashes into a number of pendants.
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