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Actor: Stabbing "Was Just Chaos"



    A former Hollywood comedy actor, now the center of a real-life courtroom drama, was on the witness stand Thursday testifying on his own behalf in an attempted murder case.

    Shelley Malil spoke about his problematic relationship with a North County woman, the same woman he's accused of stabbing more than 20 times.

    "To generalize, in the beginning it was kind of good, in the end it got kind of weird," Malil testified.

    Malil says Kendra Beebe was temperamental and dishonest during their time together and at one point he blocked her cell phone.

    Malil: 'It Got Kind of Weird'

    [DGO] Malil: 'It Got Kind of Weird'
    Malil testifies about his relationship.
    (Published Thursday, Sept. 9, 2010)

    On August 10, 2008, Malil said he went to Beebe's San Marcos home to apologize for taking personal items from her home and to warn her that he had emailed nude photos of her to her employees.

    "It wasn't my intention of killing anybody or hurting anybody,"Malil said.

    When he walked into Beebe's backyard he found her drinking wine with a male friend.  "When I walked up to her to whisper in her ear, I stepped on her foot and she screams."

    At that point, Malil said Beebe's friend got up, so Malil grabbed a knife from the table, thinking he was going to be attacked.

    He claims the male friend grabbed his arm and the two fought over the knife until it fell on the ground.  The friend then ran into the house.

    "I'm thinking this dude has a gun now, or he's got something,"Malil said.

    Stabbing Victim Testifies in Shelley Malil Trial

    [DGO] Stabbing Victim Testifies in Shelley Malil Trial
    The woman who suffered more than 20 knife wounds recalled the moment she realized she was being stabbed Tuesday during the trial of actor Shelley Malil. Source: Stabbing Victim Remembers a Flash of Silver | NBCSan Diego
    (Published Tuesday, Aug. 31, 2010)

    Malil ran into the kitchen and said he tried to call 911 but the phone was dead.  He then grabbed a butcher knife to protect himself.  Moments later he claims he was attacked.

    "Someone was hitting me with something, and all I had was this knife and I just went bananas with the thing,"Malil testified.  "And Kendra kept saying "Ali call 911, and that was the first time I realized that it was Kendra that I was fighting with."

    Beebe suffered more than 20 stab wounds before a neighbor stepped in.  Malil claims at the time he had no idea how badly Beebe was hurt because it was dark.

    "I still can't believe the knife that I was holding caused all those injuries," Malil said.

    Beebe was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. In prior tearful testimony Beebe said Malil flew into a rage and stabbed her more than 20 times with a knife.

    The defense team has said Malil was acting in self-defense and that he was attacked first.

    Malil spent most of the afternoon talking about Beebe's irrational behavior including details about a fight they had during a cruise.

    "I said something to upset her. I don't remember what the argument was and she went off, just started grabbing everything from the closet and throwing it down. My cologne, my shirt, everything that was mine, she threw my book," he said.

    Malil is facing 21 years or more in prison if convicted.