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School Closed as Precaution for Swine Flu

One local school is closing as a precaution after students and teachers were exposed to the swine flu



    School Closed as Precaution for Swine Flu
    Christ the Cornerstone Academy in Mira Mesa is being closed as a precaution.

    One San Diego school will close its doors to students immediately as a precaution after one of its students had a confirmed case of swine flu, San Diego health officials said Monday.

    Christ the Cornerstone Academy in Mira Mesa is being closed as a precaution.

    "The children and faculty of our school may have been exposed to swine flu," a school flier reads. "As a precautionary measure, testing of symptomatic individuals is under way. Public health officials are recommending the school be closed pending the results of the test. When school is reopened, we ask that you not send children to school with the following symptoms: fevers, sore throat, runny nose, nausea, cough, vomiting or diarrhea for at least seven day after onset of symptoms. We are working closely with the Community Epidemiology Branch to secure the safety of all of our children, and we will keep you informed as information is given to us. School will be closed Tuesday, April 28."

    Several parents were seen leaving with their children at Christ the Cornerstone Academy in Mira Mesa on Monday afternoon.

    "I'm glad they're taking the action to make sure everyone stays safe," said Bobbie Bryant of Tierrasanta. Her daughter is a third-grader at the school.

    Parents were informed of the school's decision by phone Monday afternoon.

    "There is some concern about potential illness among contacts, including teachers of one of the previously confirmed cases," stated a news release issued by county health officials. "The closure is a precaution to make sure the virus does not spread among the school population."

    In light of the spread of the swine flu in Mexico and in parts of the U.S., school staffers will take steps this week to make sure desks and keyboards are wiped down and bathrooms are stocked with soap.

    School bus drivers, who routinely wipe down the vehicles, will be reminded to do so daily.

    San Diego County schools superintendent Randolph Ward held a telephone conference call Monday with 36 of the 42 superintendents of the school districts in San Diego County.

    The basic message to principals and teachers: remind children of the simple steps needed to prevent the spread of germs and viruses.

    State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Jack O'Connell, released a reminder to state schools Friday offering links to free posters that may help remind students how to keep germs from spreading. The posters remind students to wash hands frequently with soap and cover their mouths when they cough or sneeze.

    The most important message from the county's Office of Education is that San Diego's schools are open and safe. If your child doesn’t feel well, he or she should stay home. Otherwise, they should be in school.

    At San Diego Unified Schools, Superintendent Terry Grier sent a note to parents and students Monday telling them about the county's Swine Flu Hotline (858) 715-2250 and asking parents especially to be on the lookout for illness in their children.

    "We will continue to closely monitor our schools and children, respond to any public health announcements and rapidly provide information through our website and automated phone system," Grier wrote in the letter.