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Bay Area Woman Gives Birth in Speeding Car



    Bay Area Woman Gives Birth in Speeding Car
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    Thankfully there wasn't this much traffic when a Fremont woman gave birth on the way to the hospital.

    Here's a story that you don't hear everyday.

    A Fremont woman delivered a baby while in the back seat of a car going 70 mph.

    It happened last Sunday morning at exactly 5:46 a.m. on Stevenson Blvd between Besco Drive and Davis Street.

    The driver was the baby's great-aunt who admits she broke just about every traffic rule as she attempted to get the new family to the hospital.

    Lily Histo had given birth twice before so it's not like she was a rookie.  The first two births had to be induced, but not this time.

    When she went into labor around 4:30 a.m., she called her boyfriend's aunt and asked if she could take them to the hospital, thinking they had plenty of time.

    Roxanne Porter got to the house about 45 minutes later and things were progressing faster than anyone expected.  Porter admits she blew through stop signs and traffic lights in her effort to get the couple to Washington Hospital.

    By the time they arrived they had an additional passenger all wrapped up in a pair of sweatpants.

    Mom and baby girl are doing just fine.