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Baby Died After Cries Interrupted Video Game

Bixby is active duty military living on base at MCAS Miramar



    Baby Died After Cries Interrupted Video Game
    Medical examiners cite "blunt force head trauma"

    A local Marine, in jail on murder charges, was playing video games when he shook his crying son to death, according to prosecutors. 

    Michael Bixby grabbed the wrist of his infant son Andru when the baby's crying interrupted his gaming on Wednesday, Feb. 17 and shook the child so hard that Andru’s head snapped forward and he stopped crying immediately, prosecutors told the judge at Bixby's arraignment.

    Bixby called his wife who was at school at the time. When she got home, she began howling and that prompted neighbors to call 911, prosecutor Leonard Trinh said in court Thursday. 

    The four-month-old suffered a broken wrist, injuries to his optic nerve, injuries to his spinal cord, as well as injuries to his brain, according to Trinh. He died the next morning.

    The couple's second child, 22-month old Taeleor B., who was home but not in the room with his father and brother, is in custody with Child Protective Services.

    Bixby, 22, doesn't have a criminal record and is currently being held on $1,000,000 bail.

    He faces charges of first degree murder and willful cruelty to a child causing death. If convicted, he could receive 25 years to life. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for March 10.

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