Light, Darkness and Rainbows: Look Inside ‘Wonderspaces: In Common’

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Yasuhiro Chida
Each guest will get a different experience from "Myrkviðr," a light reflecting art piece that provides an infinite variety of ways to be perceived, depending on the guest's location in the room. The piece was created by Japanese artist Yasuhiro Chida.
Dan Good and David Delgado; Photography by Victor Ren
"Experiment 2.C" will make guests feel both a sensation of vastness and of feeling surrounded, according to the artists, Dan Good and David Delgado. The creators are also behind the "Museum of Awe," which seeks to mesmerize guests.
Lucas Rizzotto
Brazilian-born artist Lucas Rizzotto created the interactive virtual reality exhibit "Where Thoughts Go" to bring people together in an open environment. Participants thoughts will be transformed into sleeping creatures, which can then be shared virtually -- and anonymously -- with others.
Guests become constellations in Maja Petrić's "We Are All Made of Light." The art piece uses artificial intelligence and other technologies to manipulate light and space. Even the sound responds to a guest's presence and never repeats the same pattern.
Pierre le Riche wanted to create a piece that expressed what it was like to grow up as a gay man in South Africa. "Rainbow Rooms" is estimated to contain 20 miles of yarn that creates so much tension that it bends metal bars.
Rejane Cantoni
This interactive art piece responds to guests, distorting the ground beneath them as they walk on the artwork. "Floor" is also meant to be accommodating to a diverse population, including wheelchairs, and perfectly fits with Wonderspaces' "In Common" theme.
Candy Chang
Have something to confess? This interactive art piece by Candy Chang wants gives guests a space to reflect. Ultimately, their anonymous "Confessions" are turned into art.
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