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City Council, Mayor Won't Get a Raise

San Diego City Council voted against pay raises for the tenth year in a row



    City Council, Mayor Won't Get a Raise

    For the tenth year in a row, San Diego's mayor and City Council members will not get a pay raise.

    They've rejected every raise recommended on a biennial basis by an independent commission. That commission went before the Council again Monday afternoon.

    The council voted unanimously to reject their and the mayor's pay raises proposed by the commission. The commission took a new approach this year, expected to take the political grandstanding out of voting down recommended raises, and incentivize the notion of  rewarding future Council members.

    Right now the mayor makes just over $100,000; Council members, $75,000.

    The city's Salary Setting Commission, now operating with six out of seven authorized members, said San Diego's decision-makers are overdue for more money.

    They said the city needs to pay 21st-first century salaries for jobs that involve sophisticated stewardship.

    "What we're not getting are candidates who have a lot of experience running or leading large organizations," says commission President Bob Ottilie.  And the city of San Diego, the city itself, is the largest organization in the city."

    "This is a much more demanding form of government that we have now, both for the mayor and the Council members," says Glenn Sparrow, professor emeritus of San Diego State University's School of Public Affairs and Urban Studies. 

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