PHOTOS: Save Ferris at House of Blues

Beloved Orange County ska-punk group Save Ferris pumped up House of Blues on Tuesday, March 6.

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Tim Fears
The band got their start all the way back in 1995 -- they've been rocking for more than 20 years!
Tim Fears
The group's current lineup (they've had quite the revolving cast over the years) features founding member Monique Powell (vocals), Brandon Dicket (drums), Adam Bones (guitar), Jesse Stern (bass), Alex Csillag (trombone, right) and Max O'Leary (trumpet, left).
Tim Fears
Their name, of course, is a reference to the 1986 film "Ferris Bueller's Day Off."
Tim Fears
They released their debut EP, "Introducing Save Ferris," on their own label in 1996, and it ended up selling more than 20,000 copies.
Tim Fears
The band would become one of the favorites of KROQ's legendary Rodney "Rodney on the Rock" Bingenheimer, which resulted in regular radio airplay on the LA station.
Tim Fears
In 1997, Save Ferris released their debut album "It Means Everything," which included a cover of Dexys Midnight Runners' "Come On Eileen." It has been the band's most successful single to date.
Tim Fears
In April 1998, they made their television debut on the HBO series "Reverb" as well as an appearance in the rom-com film "10 Things I Hate About You."
Tim Fears
The album sold more than 400,000 copies and spawned three top 10 hits in both Japan and Mexico.
Tim Fears
The band's sophomore album, "Modified," was released in October 1999.
Tim Fears
Save Ferris went on hiatus between 2003 until 2013. When they resumed playing shows, they ran a successful Pledge Music campaign to raise money to record their first album in more than 15 years.
Tim Fears
On Feb. 10, 2017, Save Ferris released the "Checkered Beast" EP, which was produced by Oingo Boingo bassist John Avila.
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