Winds Tear Navigation Tower From Jetty

A navigation tower on the Mission Bay Channel was ripped from its post by El Nino winds.

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Erik Ho
The tower provided lights and a fog horn to warn mariners that they were approaching the rocky jetty at night.
Erik Ho
But Sunday’s El Nino storm tore the device from its post.
Erik Ho
Pieces of debris could be seen littering the rocks around the metal framework on Tuesday.
Erik Ho
According to the U.S. Coast Guard, the missing tower will not significantly impact boat traffic, but they do want mariners to know it won’t be there to help if needed.
Erik Ho
The tower on the south jetty, near Ocean Beach, is still intact.
Erik Ho
The Coast Guard plans to send crews to find a permanent solution to replace the tower.
Erik Ho
This shot looks from the north jetty to the south one, across the Mission Bay Channel.
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