#SantaFail: When Meeting Santa Went Hilariously Wrong

Remember when meeting Santa was a big nope? Our NBC 7 News staffers share these photos of when their kids met Santa and it went hilariously wrong. If you have your own Santa fail photos, submit them to us at isee@nbcsandiego.com

8 photos
Catherine Garcia
NBC 7’s anchor Catherine Garcia’s son wasn’t too fond of Santa when he was a tot.
Mark Mullen
NBC 7's anchor Mark Mullen's son wasn't having it with Santa while his sister is all smiles trying to get on the good list.
Mark Mullen
NBC 7's Mark Mullen daughter wasn't too fond of St. Nick when they first met.
Erika Cervantes
NBC 7's reporter Erika Cervantes's son isn't too sure of Santa in their first meeting.
Mari Payton
NBC 7's investigative reporter Mari Payton's little one is questioning whether this is the real Santa.
Getty Images
NBC 7's news producer Ruston Grau's children were not having it with Santa or Mrs. Claus.
NBC Boston
NBC 7's senior digital producer Monica Garske's little girl was unsure of Santa in this meeting with jolly St. Nick.
Monica Garske
NBC 7's senior digital producer Monica Garske little ones were on better terms with Santa this time around.
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