NBC 7’s #TBT Photos

NBC 7 is celebrating its 50th anniversary on Nov. 14. And to celebrate, our anchors, reporters, photographs and producers have compiled some of their favorite photos from over the years.

20 photos
Paul Krueger
With my ‪NBC 7 colleague Gene Cubbison back in 1979, we've worked together, on and off, in print and broadcast, for 30 years.
Candice Nguyen
Like my colleagues, I hadn't slept for days, chasing this fire, then that fire in the North County. My photographer took this picture of our first break on someone's patio surrounded by embers from the Cocos Fire.
Elena Gomez
I grew up in Vista watching NBC every night with my family, dreaming of one day working as a reporter. Today, I pinch myself every morning I get to report for the station I grew up watching! NBC 7 San Diego has been my work family since the very beginning. I started as an intern on the assignment desk before my senior year of college and after graduating, I became an editor for the morning show. Within two years, I worked my way up into my dream job as a reporter/MMJ for the station. The first photo is the last day of my internship with ‪NBC 7 in 2008.
Gene Cubbison
This was the setting: Atlanta's Omni during the Democratic National Convention in July, 1988 -- the weather, hot as Hades and miserably muggy.nI'm in Storer Broadcasting's skybox with Marty Levin, covering the convention as part of a six-member crew when the station had shiploads of money to travel in high style. This must have been opening night, because Marty soon came down with a wicked flu and I had to solo anchor the coverage for our news cycles the next day.
Greg Bledsoe
As we get ready to celebrate 50 years at ‪NBC 7‬, I think back to my first forecast nine years ago. If I look a little shiny, that's nervousness in liquid form.
Jason Austell
This is a very special year here at NBC 7 as the station is about to celebrate 50 years here in San Diego. This is a couple of years ago right after SDPD Chief Shelly Zimmerman ran my driver's license.
Here I am covering flooding in ‪San Marcos‬ after the ‪Pineapple Express‬ storm swept through the county. They say "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning to dance in the rain." So I grabbed my rain boots and jumped into the waters. Who says it doesn't rain in San Diego?
Marianne Kushi
It was July 2010 outside our downtown studios. Lester Holt came to visit. He's one of the hardest working journalists of all time, with star power and now our news leader : NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt. People ask me: What's he like? Smart, approachable, funny and super nice.
Mark Mullen
Celebrating the 50th anniversary run up of NBC 7 and the privilege to serve our great community. A look back at White House interview I did in which the President spoke of issues concerning SD and made news about tougher US strategy dealing with Russia.
Catherine Garcia
We're getting ready to celebrate our 50th anniversary at ‪‎NBC 7‬. And wow, have I been lucky enough to do some FUN things in my dozen years with the station! Just some of the highlights? Interviewing Jimmy Fallon.
Here is NBC 7's morning team taping a promo with Matt Lauer.
Lots of fun in the decade I've been at ‪NBC 7‬. This was the goodbye party for my amazing friend and journalist Emily Chang. Still miss you Em!!
Tiffany Spitzer
Marty Levin's last show on air. (He gave away all his ties).
This photo is from 2010 when I had just gotten a TON of data (on that CD) from the SDPD on photo red light cameras.
Dave Smith
Bob Hansen and Ken Kramer pose in the KNSD newsroom downtown.
Gene Cubbison in 1988.
Brian Hackney explains to the KNSD viewers how the newscast is now being translated into Spanish in 1988.
Sports in 1988.
Anchor/Reporter Rory Devine in 1986.
NBC 7's photographers in 1997.
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