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Woman Surrenders Baby at Fire Station

The baby boy was about an hour old



    A fire crew in the North County had a big surprise on Saturday. A woman gave up her newborn at an Oceanside fire station under the safe haven state law.

    At Fire Station 5 there is always someone ringing the doorbell.

    “They want directions or they'll need to use the telephone because they've run out of gas down the street,” said Chief Ron Dunham.

    But this time was different. When firefighters opened the door, there was a woman ready to surrender her baby.

    Woman Surrenders Baby at Fire Station

    [DGO] Woman Surrenders Baby at Fire Station
    A fire crew in the North County had a big surprise.
    (Published Sunday, Nov. 14, 2010)

    “Found a woman in her 20's wearing a sweat shirt and sweat pants smeared with blood and carrying a new born baby,” Chief Dunham said. “She kept on saying, ‘please take my baby, please take my baby’.”

    The baby boy was just about an hour old. He was wrapped in a bathroom towel and appeared to be cold. Other than that, he was doing just fine.

    “He's a healthy young boy, about 7 pounds, I would guess,” said Chief Dunham.

    After a baby is born, the law gives the parent or guardian up to 72 hours to surrender the newborn without fear of prosecution. The woman was asked information about her medical and family history, in case the baby needs some type of medical treatment in the future, but she declined to answer.

    “She was tentative, she seemed a little bit scared,” said Chief Dunham. “Shortly after that, just a few seconds later, she walked out to her car, got in and drove away.”

    Even though it was an unusual day for the fire crew, the situation was very much welcomed.

    “Any of the firefighters working would rather see this going on every single day if necessary, rather than finding one child in a dumpster someplace,” said Chief Dunham.

    The baby was taken to Tri City Medical Center where he's doing just fine.     The mother of the newborn has 14 days to change her mind and claim the baby.