PICS: Nothing More at House of Blues

Quoth the rock gods, "Nothing More!" The San Antonio, Texas-based band ripped through House of Blues San Diego on Friday, March 2.

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Jason Bang
The band got its start in San Antonio, Texas, in 2003.
Jason Bang
The group consists of Jonny Hawkins (vocalist), Mark Vollelunga (guitarist, pictured), Daniel Oliver (bassist), and Ben Anderson (drums).
Jason Bang
Hawkins used to be the drummer in the band before switching to lead vocals.
Jason Bang
The band self-funded and recorded their fourth studio self-titled album, who were then signed to Eleven Seven Music on its strength. The record became the band's breakthrough release in 2014.
Jason Bang
One of the album's singles, "This is the Time (Ballast)," hit No. 2 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart.
Jason Bang
In 2017, the band released "The Stories We Tell Ourselves," which earned Nothing More three Grammy Award nominations: Best Rock Album, Best Rock Performance and Best Rock Song (for "Go to War").
Jason Bang
The group's sound has been described as alt-rock, hard rock, prog-rock, prog-metal and heavy metal. Hawkins has claimed Tool and Rage Against the Machine as influences.
Jason Bang
AllMusic has described the band's overall sound as "somewhere between System of a Down and Incubus." Team Rock described them as "imagine if Nine Inch Nails colluded with Royal Blood and Biffy Clyro and you're sort of close."
Jason Bang
The band tours with tour drum sets for the live show, one for Anderson and one for Hawkins dummed "The Scorpion Tail" -- and animated structure created out of scrap metal and salvaged auto parts and weighing 400 pounds. As you can see, Hawkins rides in it and uses it to create digital electronic effects for songs.
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