Baja California Beckons: Images

Images of some of the locales in Baja California.

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The BF Goodwrench car drives past a cow skull in the desert during the Baja 1000 Race November 20, 2003 in Baja California, Mexico. The race starts in Ensenada, Mexico, 60 miles south of San Diego, with all vehicles having a 32-hour time limit to complete the rugged single loop race course covering 764.87 miles. The fastest finishers in the race were expected to finish in approximately 14-15 hours.
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A bar along the shore in Rosarito - a popular tourist destination for SoCal residents.
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A man performs tricks on a horse April 1, 2009 in Rosarito, Mexico.
Rancho La Puerta
The spa at Rancho La Puerta has operated in Baja California since the 1940s. Their motto "Siempre Mejor" means "Always Better."
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