April Fools Prank in Race for District Attorney | NBC 7 San Diego

April Fools Prank in Race for District Attorney

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    Candidates for District Attorney visit with Gene Cubbison on NBC 7's Politically Speaking in February.

    An April Fools prank crossed into the San Diego District Attorney race Tuesday and not everyone is laughing.

    A fake press release was released from an account operated by @DDAs4Dumanis announcing a news conference with Bob Brewer, who is trying to unseat incumbent and current DA Bonnie Dumanis.

    “We’re not in middle school. What’s next are they going to toilet paper his house?” said Alex Roth, communications director for Brewer’s campaign. Brewer’s team followed up on the unflattering fake release with a real news release.

    “It was a dirty trick, plain and simple, and it has not place in any campaign” said Brewer adding “Bonnie Dumanis should take responsibility for the conduct of what appears to be a handful of her sworn deputy district attorneys”.

    Dumanis campaign spokesperson Jennifer Tierney said her team had nothing to do with the release and saw it online just like everyone else.