Jury Finds Verdicts on 4 Charges Against Kellen Winslow Jr., Deadlocked on Remaining 8

The jury told the judge they were deadlocked on eight remaining charges. They'll return to deliberate Tuesday.

The jury reached a verdict on four charges brought against former NFL player Kellen Winslow, Jr., and told the judge they were deadlocked on the remaining 8 counts.

Jurors found Winslow Jr. guilty on count 4, rape by force or fear of Jane Doe 2; count 6, indecent exposure involving Jane Doe 3; and count 9, lewd conduct involving Jane Doe 5. Winslow was found not guilty of count 10, a second count of lewd conduct involving Jane Doe 5.

As for the remaining eight counts, the jury foreman told the judge the jury was deadlocked and needed more deliberation time.

"Frankly, I was a little bit surprised by his answer because they've been deliberating for five days but I think it shows we have a very dedicated and conscientious jury," the judge said. "I suspected he was going to say they don't need additional time, but he wanted additional time so I didn't go through my typical questioning when a jury is deadlocked."

The judge said they could return a verdict on the remaining counts in five minutes or two weeks.

Winslow and his defense declined to comment after the first verdicts were read.

After about 45 minutes of continued deliberation, the jury informed the judge they remained deadlocked on the remaining charges.

The judge sent the jury home for the day and said they would continue deliberations Tuesday. Winslow's defense asked the judge to accept the jury's position and declare a mistrial, but the judge refused.

The jury was advised to think about things that might help them reach a verdict Tuesday, including rereading instructions or reviewing evidence.

The judge said he was considering allowing both sides to present another closing argument.

The jury has been deliberating the rape trial since Wednesday, June 5.


Last week, jurors asked to hear some testimony read back. Then, a note passed to the judge from the jury room Friday hinted there may be some confusion in the jury room as the panel deliberates the fate of the former NFL player.


The trial's opening statements began on May 20.

In total, Winslow faces 12 charges: three counts of rape by force or fear, kidnap for rape, rape of an unconscious person, oral copulation by force or fear, sodomy by force of fear, indecent exposure, two counts of lewd acts in public, elder abuse, and battery charges.

Jurors listened to several days of testimony from five different women who accused the former NFL player of sexual assault and indecent exposure from June 2003 to earlier this year.

Jane Doe 1 said she was raped when a man in an SUV stopped to pick her up as she was hitchhiking in Encinitas in March 2018.

Jane Doe 2 said a man in an SUV picked her up on Vulcan Avenue and raped along Manchester Avenue in May 2018.

Jane Doe 3 said a man exposed himself to her while she was gardening at a residence on Lake Drive in May 2018.

Jane Doe 4 said a man raped her while she was unconscious in a Scripps Ranch townhouse when she was 17 in June 2003.

Jane Doe 5 said a man exposed himself to her on two separate occasions at a Carlsbad gym and began masturbating in front of her in February 2019.

Winslow has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

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