‘Sweat San Diego’ Fitness Expo

Fitness enthusiasts gathered in San Diego Saturday for a new expo -- "Sweat San Diego" -- featuring exercise classes, food and wellness activities geared toward those looking to learn a little more about living their healthiest life.

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Megan Tevrizian
Participants had the choice of a trying out a handful of exercise classes outside, including yoga.
Megan Tevrizian
Local vendors passed out samples of healthy food. This noodle salad is from Lemonade.
Megan Tevrizian
For those wanting an intense interval training workout -- Orange Theory offered classes on the beach!
Megan Tevrizian
Sweat San Diego offered all kinds of fitness opportunities, including this beach acrobatics lesson!
Megan Tevrizian
Starting off your Saturday morning with some yoga overlooking the bay -- not a bad idea!
Megan Tevrizian
This was San Diego Magazine's first year of the Sweat San Diego expo. No word yet if there will be another one next year, but after such a good turnout the chances are likely.
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