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Stunning Accusations In Scott Eveland Lawsuit



    Stunning Accusations In Scott Eveland Lawsuit
    Scott Eveland

    It has been three years since Scott Eveland suffered a massive brain injury while playing football for Mission Hills High School. Since then, his family has had to care for him 24 hours a day.

    Eveland's mother, Diane Luth, is suing the San Marcos Unified School District for what happened to her son.

    "The care that we have to give Scotty, it's something I would not wish on any person, anybody's family," said Luth.

    There has recently been a major development in Scott's long story. A former student is now claiming that the team's head coach ignored signs that Scott was in distress.     

    "We had always heard rumors through the years," Luth said. "We had a very difficult time getting people to come forward, everybody clammed up."

    According to a deposition obtained by NBC San Diego, an assistant student trainer named Breanna Bingen said there were warning signs about Scott's condition but they were ignored. In the deposition, Breanna said that a week before the injury, Scott complained to the team's athletic trainer about having headaches, which caused Scott to miss certain parts of practice.

    Bingen also testified that just a few minutes before the game, Scott asked if he could sit out the first quarter because his head was hurting, but Breanna claims Coach Chris Hauser refused to take him out.

    An attorney for San Marcos Unified, Gil Abed, however, says the accusations are not true and no one is trying to cover anything up.

    "My heart goes out to Scott's family, but the coach, principal and athletic trainer adamantly deny those events ever happened," Abed said. "There is testimony from others that contradict Breanna's testimony."

    Scott's mother believes Bingen is telling the truth.

    "As time goes on I think the truth will come out," Luth told NBCSanDiego.

    In her testimony, Breanna also claimed that the school's principal and the assistant coach told her not to talk to any reporters or attorneys.

    Scott Eveland's attorney said he may hold a press conference on Tuesday with new information.