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Big Rig Driver: 'I’m Lucky to Be Alive'

The big rig flipped on Interstate 5, backing up traffic for hours



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    NBC San Diego

    Salvador Salinas was driving motor parts in a big rig to a company in San Diego when something went wrong on Friday morning.

    “I heard the explosion on the left side tire. So I tried to control the truck,” Salvador Salinas said.

    The breaks didn't respond.

    “I could not control it,” Salinas said. “It's too heavy to control a truck like that, you know.”

    He said he closed his eyes and hoped for the best as the big rig was going down.

    The big rig flipped onto the southbound lanes of Interstate-5, just south of Tamarack Avenue in Carlsbad, and slammed into the center divide at about 3 a.m. Two southbound lanes were closed near the Cannon Road exit.

    It took hours for crews to lift the big rig. In the meantime traffic was backed up for miles.

    Carlos Sobero was on his way to Legoland from Redding with his children.

    “It was just bumper to bumper for a little while there,” Sobero said. “It took about 45 minutes, almost an hour just to make two miles. It slowed down quite a bit.”

    His children were also in the car.

    “They got to sit there and stare at the Legoland next exit for a while,” Sobero said.

    The big rig driver was coming from Los Angeles and on his way to a company in San Diego called Mat Express. The trailer was transporting about 24,000 pounds of motor parts, which were scattered along the freeway.

    The driver of the big rig has minor pains in his back, but was not seriously injured.

    The Sig Alert was cancelled at 8.58 a.m. and the lanes were reopened.