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1 in 4 Californians Are Uninsured: Report



    1 in 4 Californians Are Uninsured: Report
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    U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush wants Congress to hear about allegations that American hospitals are refusing treatment for poor, uninsured patients.

    The number of Californians living without health insurance has jumped by almost two million in two years, with one in four Californians under the age 65 having no insurance, according to a new study.

    The director of UCLA’s Center for Health Policy Research told the Los Angeles Times that the state's 8.2 million people without coverage for all or part of 2009 was the highest number he had seen in nearly three decades of studying the issue.

    "California's situation is pretty dire with respect to health care coverage," E. Richard Brown told the Times.

    The number of uninsured has swelled in tandem with California's unemployment rate, which rose to 12.3% in December from 5.7% two years earlier, and as employers shifted more health care costs to employees, the paper reported.