OMA Exhibit Features Graphic Images of Pendleton Marines

An inside graphic look at Camp Pendleton Marines is featured at the Oceanside Museum of Art. The exhibit is designed to reach out to the military community. The never-before-seen images include an intimate and provocative look at the life of young Marines. The museum features contemporary art focusing on regional and current artists.

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Oceanside Museum of Art
Discoveries in Dystopia is a past exhibit at the Oceanside Museum of Art. Greg Brotherton was the artist featured. HIs work depicts hard work and alienation.
Oceanside Museum of Art
Intimate Views: West Coast Drawing is an exhibit coming this summer. It's a collective of artists that work to provide inspiration and support for outstanding artists in the drawing media.
Oceanside Museum of Art
Intimate views is the theme of a collection of drawings by outstanding regional artists. The exhibit opens June 12 and runs through Aug. 13, 2010.
Oceanside Museum of Art
Acclaimed photographer Stathis Orphanos features his graphic and intimate depiction of U.S. Marines at Camp Pendleton in an exhibition running through May 2010.
Oceanside Museum of Art
Breaking stereotypes of Native American art, this exhibit features the work of contemporary artists. The work addresses issues like the housing crisis and water shortages. It opens this summer.
Oceanside Museum of Art
One of OMA's past exhibits featured contemporary artist Greg Brotherton. His work is meticulous and detailed, using found objects that depict the loneliness of a post industrial world.
Oceanside Museum of Art
Impressions of Southern California: Robin Hall and Jeff Yeomans will open May 25. It features captivating views of San Diego and beyond, incorporating urban landscapes.
Oceanside Museum of Art
The Plastic Fantastic exhibit explores the contrast between McMansions, plastic surgery and the artificiality of high-end living with San Diego's seaside weather and natural beauty.
Oceanside Museum of Art
Painting World War II opens April 18 at OMA. It's a historic first examination of paintings by California-style watercolor artists on the subject of World War II.
Oceanside Museum of Art
James Luna's work represents his perspective on modern native American identity. His work will be featured in Defying Expectations: Contemporary Native American Art from San Diego County, which begins July 11.
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