GALLERY: Juliette Lewis

Natural born stage klller, Juliette Lewis rocked the Casbah like few have done before on Thursday, Sept. 8. Andy Clockwise opened the show.

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Chuck Lapinsky
You might recognize her from countless film and TV appearances, but when we think of Juliette Lewis, we think: Rock star.
Chuck Lapinsky
The actress/singer put on a simply epic show at the Casbah -- prowling the stage and anywhere else her microphone cord would reach!
Chuck Lapinsky
Australian singer/songwriter/performer Andy Clockwise got the show started.
Chuck Lapinsky
Lewis' latest album, "Terra Incognita," was released in 2009. Still waiting on that followup!
Chuck Lapinsky
As you can see, her one-piece star-studded jumpsuit brought to mind two other American daredevils: Evel Knievel and Elvis Presley.
Chuck Lapinsky
Needless to say, her band was firing on all cylinders.
Chuck Lapinsky
While it's been years since her last album and her shows are rather few and far between, they're some of the most incendiary performances you'll ever see.
Chuck Lapinsky
Clockwise has had a storied career, beginning in Sydney, Australia. After he released his debut LP, he ended up opening a tour for INXS.
Chuck Lapinsky
In 2007, he moved to LA and has since released six critically acclaimed studio albums.
Chuck Lapinsky
In 2015, he started performing DJ sets for LA's biggest indie-dance party night, "Dance Yourself Clean." Clockwise released his latest EP, "The Good Book," in April this year.
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