10 San Diego Musician Doppelgangers

OK, we had some fun with this one: We take a look at 10 San Diego musicians and their famous doppelgangers.

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Press photo courtesy of The Burning of Rome
While we're not in the doppelganger business (is there such a thing?), sometimes we get a feeling that some local musicians have famous lookalikes: The Burning of Rome's frontman Adam Traub (pictured, left) has a serious Marc Bolan thing going on, amirite?
Press photo courtesy of Hideout
Mrs. Magician, Cults and Hideout drummer (and Soda Bar Talent Buyer) Cory Stier has a craaaaazy resemblance to Neil Patrick Harris (pictured, right). C'mon. You know it's true.
Courtesy of Nate Hess's Facebook page
You can try arguing, but there's no point: The Bad & the Ugly frontman Nate Hess is a dead ringer for Nirvana/Foo Fighters star Dave Grohl. Hess even admitted the resemblance on our recent SoundDiego Spotlight video session!
That'll be the day...when you convince us that New Kinetics guitarist Brian Reilly (pictured, left) doesn't look like good ol' Buddy Holly (RIP). Word on the street is Reilly's got a new band in the works too: The Hiroshima Mockingbirds. Check 'em out!
Photo by Tim Fears / Courtesy of Danny King
Recently, the Palace Ballroom's drummer Danny King (pictured, left) posted a photo of him standing next to their guitarist, Jason Eric Manuel (pictured, middle), with the caption: "Running into Josh Homme at Casbah last night was a dream come true." A joke, sure, but hey -- ever seen 'em both in the same place at the same time?
Courtesy of The Midnight Pines' Facebook page
Before we get slammed, just know that Alfred Howard (of the Midnight Pine, Birdy Bardot, Dani Bell & the Tarantist, etc.) sent us this photo of soul/R&B/funk master Bobby Hutcherson (pictured, right) and said: "That dude might be my daddy."
Courtesy of Blood Ponies' Facebook page
Blood Ponies are a new post-punk/noise duo on the scene, fronted by San Diego CityBeat music editor Jeff Terich (pictured, left). Or is it Alt-J's Joe Newman? You be the judge.
Courtesy of Social Club's Facebook page
While we've heard a couple other comparisons, we're going with Matt Damon (pictured, right): Social Club's John Levan must be moonlighting as a guitarist/singer with the band when he's not busy kicking ass as Jason Bourne.
Carly Fisher
Holy San Diego, Batman: Thomas DiBenedetto (guitarist in Monarch and drummer in Joy) might be Frank Zappa (pictured, right) reincarnated, right?
Photo by John Audley
OK, this one's for fun -- but if you've ever seen the Verigolds' Craig Schreiber play drums, you'd definitely agree with us. Animal is totally his spirit...uh...animal!
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