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Is There Any Stopping This Horse?

Zenyatta wins again



    Zenyatta Wins Again

    The famous mare takes her 18th win (Published Sunday, Aug. 8, 2010)

    She’s been described as incredible and even magical. Her name is Zenyatta, a 6-year-old undefeated mare that apparently knows she’s a star…

    “When she gets close to the finish line her ears are perked,” said Mathia Lee of Solana Beach. “She knows exactly where that line is and exactly what she has to do to get in front of it.”

    On Saturday, Zenyatta definitely got star treatment.

    Thousands of fans headed out to the Del Mar Racetrack specifically to see the undefeated horse in action. Many held up signs that read “Zenyatta,” others showed their support by wearing baseball caps with the mare’s name. Throughout it all, a sea of camera phones were clicking away as Zenyatta strolled by.

    Zenyatta at Del Mar: Raw Video

    [DGO] Zenyatta at Del Mar: Raw Video
    Undefeated Zenyatta will run in the 9th race Saturday at the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club in an attempt to raise her record to 18-0.
    (Published Friday, Aug. 6, 2010)

    “There is electricity here,” Lee said. “People have their hats on. They have big signs with Zenyatta on. It’s fantastic.”

    With 18 straight wins, even competitors gave credit where credit was due. Even though they’d just lost the race, they knew it was an amazing moment. 

    “Even the other jockeys were applauding and just having so much fun,” said fan Brian Hill. “You get the chills running down your spine whenever she runs. She knows how to win, and she's a special animal.”

    Fans were definitely not disappointed. At first, the mare was trailing, but the winning horse knew exactly when to speed up to get her 18 straight win.

    Die-hard fans, who describe themselves as "Zenyatta groupies," are still impressed every single time they see the mare win a race. 

    “This is Zenyatta, this is the queen, open it up! Bravo Zenyatta!” screamed Diana Carrion. “Tonight it’s all about Zenyatta.”

    Even though she had a slow start, many fans were not worried at all.

    “I knew she had it,” said Hill, just minutes after the race. “I just knew.”

    Many of these fans know, it's not only about the race itself, but also about an indescribable feeling they get seconds before the finish line.

    “I've been watching race horses for more than 30 years and this is one of the best ever,” said Del Mar resident Michael Ozurovich. “This is one of those performances that puts a lump on your throat.