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Mother Warned Deputies Son Was Mentally Ill, Confrontation Ended in Gunfire

“I mean who foresees something like this when you call for help and your child is shot so many times," Zoch told NBC 7

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The mother of a man shot multiple times by San Diego County sheriff’s deputies in Lemon Grove opened up about the events leading to the incident and his upcoming road to recovery mentally and physically.

Shane Felix, 34, was shot and wounded by three deputies on Jan. 6 in Lemon Grove after a call was placed saying he was looking to harm himself.

Felix's mother, Kimberly King Zoch, spoke to NBC 7 about the concerns she now has about the shooting after she said she warned authorities that her son was mentally ill.

Exact details of the confrontation were not released but SDSO said it ended with the deputies opening fire, leaving Felix with multiple gunshot wounds. Initial reports said the deputies arrived at the home where, they claim, he pulled a revolver out of his jacket, triggering them to open fire.

The San Diego Sheriff's Department said treatment was immediately rendered until Felix could be transported to a hospital for surgery of his wounds and he was expected to survive.

But Zoch said it's a miracle her son is alive as her son suffered multiple gunshot injuries from a lacerated liver to a removed lung to a bullet wound near the heart. He lost so much blood that had to be on blood products for two days, she said.

Zoch said she called deputies to do a wellness check, warning them he had brain damage and was mentally ill. She also told NBC 7 that he was going to group counseling and brain injury classes last year.

She said all she wanted to do was get him some help because, as she was talking to him on the phone and then via text, he was depressed over a break-up and appeared as if he might harm himself.

NBC 7's Omari Fleming reports from the scene with the latest details.

“I mean who foresees something like this when you call for help and your child is shot so many times," Zoch told NBC 7.

Though deputies have not confirmed how many times Felix was shot at, his mother said they fired more than nine times, leaving her to wonder what she could have done differently.

"I think I'm hesitant now," she said. "Maybe I should have waited. Maybe I should have just kept talking to him and waited it out instead of calling for help because this happened."

Still in the hospital, Felix is on the road to recovery, Zoch said. He will likely forever be in pain since there are bullet fragments near his spine that she said cannot be removed.

She’s hoping the investigation and body camera video, if available, will help shed light on exactly what happened.

"I just wanted to get him some help. But I think there does need to be some reform when dealing with the mentally ill," Zoch said. "I regret calling now. I do."

The Sheriff’s Department told NBC 7 that the shooting is still under investigation and no new information would be released at this time.

None of the deputies were harmed and all were placed on paid administrative leave while the shooting is investigated, SDSO said.

"I pray for him every day," Zoch added.

If you or someone you know is in crisis, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or contact the Crisis Text Line by texting TALK to 741741.

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