Package Theft Suspect Writes ‘Shop Lift’ on To-Do List

A notebook seized from a pair of package theft suspects says "shop lift" is among the things they must do.

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On. Dec. 15, 2015, San Diego County Sheriff's deputies seized a number of items from two suspects who officials say were following a delivery truck and stealing packages from Encinitas homes. Among the items was a to-do list, which included "shop lift" as one of the items left undone.
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Deputies say they took methamphetamine and heroin from Kristina Green and Gary Withers, both of whom were on probation for theft, narcotics and weapons violations.
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A loaded handgun was also found in the suspects' vehicle.
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The duo stole at least four packages from four different victims, officials say.
Deputies recovered stolen mail from 13 people when they arrested the suspects.
A full picture of the to-do list.
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