Electric Bikes Roll Into San Diego

A colorful parade in San Diego Tuesday hoped to introduce many to electric bikes.

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A colorful parade in San Diego Tuesday offered a crash course in electric bikes on the market. Attendees got to check out the equipment and take it for a spin at SDG&E's energy innovation center. The one seen here is the best selling electric bike in America: the "Interceptor" by Pedego. It comes in two sizes and two styles for about $2995. The top speed is about 20 mph, and it can go 20 miles without pedaling fully-charged, or 30 miles with an extended-range battery.
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Kevin Refermat shows off the"Electron Wheel." For $800, it turns almost any bike into an electric bike by simply installing it on that bike's front wheel.
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Here's what a bike looks like with the Electron Wheel attached.
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This bike is outfitted with a "do-it-yourself" electric motor and battery. The device turns almost any bike into an electric bike, battery included, for about $1000.
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Rhonda Martin says riding an electric bike inspired her to lose 270 pounds. She rides this bike to work in Miramar from her home in El Cajon. See her "before and after" photos on her Facebook page at "living instead of existing."
Police in Newport Beach and Tampa, FL, are now riding this Pedego law enforcement specialty bike. San Diego city lifeguards tested them in Pacific Beach, and Carlsbad search-and-rescue teams are using them, too.
The "E-Trolley" foldable and portable bike by Greenworld Bikes weighs 45 pounds and fits easily in the trunk of your car. It is easy to stow on the bus, train or trolley. Cost: $1250 to $1500.
The "E-Trolley", unfolded and ready to ride
The Xduro Full Seven RX off-road electric bike by Kaibike features a powerful Bosch motor. Cost: $5300.
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The high-style Porteur by Faraday has a batter that is built-in, not strapped on, for a clean look. Features include bamboo fenders, leather hand grips and disc brakes. It weighs 38 pounds and is perfectly balanced. Cost: $3500
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