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Fingerprints Required to Shred?



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    A plan to fingerprint skaters is on a roll in Poway.

    Skateboarders may soon be asked to register and provide prints before catching air at the Poway Skate Park.

    A report in the North County Times Friday said the park wants to install a turnstile entry that would unlock only after a scanner read and recognized a skater's thumbprint.  It's part of a plan to curb vandalism and misbehavior, according to Poway Community Services Director Robert Clark.

    Clark said the system is already being used in parking lots, gyms and other facilities, but this would be the first time it would be used at a skating park.  The park is also considering age restrictions at specific times.  Clark said that Poway's skate park is the only one in the area that is lighted and unsupervised at night. The park stays open until 8 p.m.

    The Times reported that the proposal has been presented to the Poway City Council, but a decision has been delayed to get answers to technical questions.  The preliminary cost of the turnstile and upgraded security cameras would be $50,000, according to the staff report.

    Despite the costs, the park would still be free, the report said.

    The report said the database of names and prints of those registered to use the park would be maintained by City Hall.

    One skateboarder told the Times he was not in favor of the idea.

    "I think fingerprinting is going too far," said Poway resident Aaron Anderson, 27. "It'll make people resent it, and they'll go back to the street. It's a public park and it should be public."