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Young Child Asked to Get Into Truck During Attempted Kidnapping: PD

The attempted kidnapping happened near Escondido Little League ball fields.

Escondido Police said a young child was asked to get into the cab of a white truck during a reported attempted kidnapping near Little League Ball Fields Saturday morning. 

The incident happened at approximately 9 a.m. on Saturday near the Youth Baseball Fields on the 3300 block of Bear Valley Parkway, Escondido Police confirmed to NBC 7. 

Parents in the area were concerned to learn about the incident a few hours after it happened on Saturday. 

Gerry Zamora, a parent with two children, said his kids have been playing at this park for ten years. In that time, he has never heard of anything like this happening. 

"It’s scary, we have three kids and obviously there are so many kids here, so many parents and action happening here all day, it’s kinda scary," Zamora told NBC 7.

The coach told Little League players after the game that a man in the truck told the child he had cake, but the 10-year-old ran off to his mother. The mom called police, but the truck raced off. 

Police do not have a clear description of the suspect, according to Escondido Police Lt. Walters, but say he is a man possibly in his 60s. He was last seen in a white Toyota truck.

The incident is under investigation. 

No other information was available.

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