Warped Resolution After Damage From Delivered Water

A Spring Valley couple contacted NBC 7 Responds when their Sparkletts five-gallon water jug delivery leaked on their hardwood floor causing thousands of dollars worth of damage.

“It was not a straight line anymore, it would be like, bent up,” retired pastor Clifton Collymore said, describing the condition of his family room floor. “We have been with Sparkletts for 29 years.” 

Every two weeks, Cliff and his wife Beverly said they enjoyed the water delivery from the Sparkletts truck, until this summer when they said they noticed something had gone wrong. 

“The problem was the bottle, it was leaking but we didn’t realize that,” Clifton said. 

He said by the time he and his wife noticed, half of the five-gallon jug was empty. The couple said the damage to the floor was pretty extensive. 

“The delivery guy, he knew about it and he apologized but when we got in touch with Sparkletts, they said they are not responsible,” Beverly said. 

Beverly and Clifton said they got three estimates saying the damaged wood floor would cost around $3,000 to fix. The Collymore’s said they couldn’t afford to fix the floor on their own and called Sparkletts nearly a dozen times seeking help. 

“They are the ones who caused the damage and they need to follow through and help us,” Beverly said. 

NBC 7 Responds reached out to Sparkletts and within a few weeks, the company told us they resolved the situation. The Collymore’s told us Sparkletts would only send them the money if they promised not to talk to NBC 7 Responds again. 

NBC 7 Responds did not hear from the Collymores again and when we reached out to Sparkletts officials for a statement we were told the company did not have a comment for our story.

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