Tis' The Season… For Sleeplessness

Study finds holidays take a major toll on sleep cycles.

Man asleep in bed.
Bob Hansen

The holidays: A time to give; to spend with loved ones, and ...sleepless nights.

A new survey from Mattress Advisor found that the stress of the holidays can have some serious impacts on your sleep.

“64% of people are sleeping less than eight hours a night during the holiday season,” said Ashley Little from Mattress Advisor. 

And of that 64 percent, half say they are averaging only 3 to 5 hours of shuteye every night during the holidays.

“Finances, buying presents and traveling, can add some major stress to your life,” said Little. “It’s a nasty cycle between sleep and stress. The more stressed you are the less you sleep. And, the less you sleep the more stressed you become.”

So what can you do to help ensure you get the right amount of sleep during the hectic holiday season?

Mattress Advisor suggests sticking with your routine, especially your exercise routine. In addition to exercise, Little says be sure to not overindulge in food and alcoholic beverages during the holidays. 

And if you are out of town, travelers should consider bringing something from home for comfort such as a blanket, bedding, and your favorite pillow. Just be sure not to go over the top.

“You can't bring your whole mattress so you might as well bring your pillow," Little said.

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