Surfer Found Floating Face Down, Rescued by Bystander, Lifeguards at Tourmaline Surfing Park

A woman was rescued from a beach near La Jolla and Pacific Beach after she was discovered unconscious, floating face down out from shore Wednesday morning.

Lifeguards with the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department were notified of the fallen surfer at the Tourmaline Surfing Park at around 8:10 a.m.

She was found in the “zone of the surf,” said Monica Munoz, a representative with SDFD. This area is where the waves break and approach the shoreline. The water here is usually greater than 15 feet deep.

A bystander pulled her out of the water and began performing CPR, Munoz said.

Lifeguards continued life-saving measures when they arrived shortly after, according to SDFD.

"From what I heard from the lifeguards and first responders, there was a return of heartbeat and spontaneous breathing," a man who said he knows the victim told NBC 7.

Munoz described the woman as in her 30s.

The man said she had been surfing in the area for about a year.

He said the woman is an experienced surfer from Central California and is used to riding big waves.

She was taken to Scripps Memorial Hospital for treatment, according to Munoz.

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