Spread Joy, Not COVID at Holiday Gatherings

Doctor's simple advice: Be honest.

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Thanksgiving brought a spike in COVID-19 cases in San Diego County. The same is expected after the Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties in December.

“That gathering has a responsibility,” said SharpCare Medical Group’s Hans Crumpler, M.D. “Spreading emotion is wonderful. Spreading infection is inadvisable.”

That being said, Dr. Crumpler is not opposed to families and friends getting together.

“We’re so tired of this isolationism that we have had to do for COVID-19,” he said.

Crumpler recommended people simply plan ahead for any events

“The first thing I recommend is to be honest. Be honest with yourself,” he said, meaning if there’s a chance you could be sick or are sick, don’t participate.

Dr. Crumpler said his family purchased at-home COVID-19 tests to take just in case there was any doubt. He also recommended people schedule appointments now to be tested a few days before their holiday events. That gives them time to get results. However, Crumpler warned nothing is fool proof.

“You can still be contagious, so be considerate of those that you’re going to be around,” he said. “It’s consideration. It’s pure politeness, but also consideration for their health and your health.”

Dr. Crumpler said the first and best line of defense is still the vaccine and booster.

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