Sister of Good Samaritan Killed on I-8 Wants World to Know Her Brother Was a Hero

The sister of a man killed after he got out of his car to help another driver who crashed on Interstate 8 wants the entire world to know that her big brother was a hero.

Police say 46-year-old Ken Riddle pulled over on Interstate 8 early Sunday to help a driver who had crashed into the center divider. Another driver didn't see the two men standing in freeway lanes near the disabled car and hit them both, killing them instantly.

Riddle's sister Sara Dumond said her brother was only in the path of the oncoming vehicle because helping others was in his nature.

“He didn’t even think. He just did it," Dumond said. "Instinctively, he pulled over, he got out, he wanted to help. It was just in his nature.”

She described him as having the biggest heart and said Riddle would have put himself second to anybody.

"I'm just so proud of him. I'm proud to say that I'm his sister," Dumond said.

Riddle was a life coach at a local nonprofit that assisted people with disabilities.

"It wasn’t his initial career choice but he finally found his niche and he was amazing at it," his sister said.

Dumond remembered one of the last conversations she had with her brother a few months ago before his wedding.

Riddle and his wife were already married in court but he had made a promise to his wife to complete Catholic faith formation classes so that they could have a formal ceremony at their parish.

"It was a promise he made to his wife and he did it," Dumond said.

The couple celebrated their second wedding ceremony on St. Patrick's Day.

Riddle's neighbor, Margaret Rogers, told NBC 7 about a conversation she had with Riddle just a few weeks ago about his faith journey.

"I was deeply touched and impressed by this man because this man showed me that he was fighting, and that he was seeking good counsel," Rogers said.

An online fundraising page was set up by friends of Riddle asking for donations to help Riddle's wife and 6-year-old daughter.

Police identified the driver Riddle stopped to help as 35-year-old Lamont Taylor. of El Cajon.

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