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Is the Republican Party All on the Same Page?

As more details come out about President Trump's firing of FBI Director James Comey, some ask: is the Republican party all on the same page?

Republicans attending the Republican National Convention (RNC) Spring Meeting in San Diego were energized the direction their party was taking, saying they felt good to have results coming in on the national level. 

"The party had been energized for a long time for change in Washington and in America," said Adam Ellison, National Vice Chair of the Young Republican National Federation. "I think it feels good to finally have some results and coming out of November with a strong win under our belts in more than one election feels pretty good."

Most of Thursday's events were closed to the press, but several committee members spoke about the party's unity and the path forward. 

"I think the Republican Party is unified, but we also foster an environment where ideas are always going to be welcomed," Ellison said. "There's never going to be a 100 percent agreement on anything, and quite frankly there shouldn't be. I think those ideas are healthy for trying to figure out how to continually improve our efforts."

Cynthia Henry, National Committeewoman from Alaska, said she has heard a similar message from across the Country. 

"I feel we are very cohesive," said Henry. "Probably more so than prior to the election. Prior to taking over the White House."

But this week alone, there have been a series of moves by the administration that not all party members have been in line with: the firing of FBI Director James Comey, or even Senator's John McCain and Ben Sasse opposition to President Trump's trade nominee over NAFTA.

Ron Nehring, the former chair of the California Republican Party, said that is just part of their process. 

"So part of being a big broad-based party that actually won the majority in both Congress and in the White House, is that you have different people who have different ideas and different solutions to move forward on policy questions and so on. And that's okay," Nehring said. 

Nehring said most of the discussions happening at the meeting were looking forward to 2018 and the many governor, senate and house legislative races. 

The spring meeting runs until Saturday.

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