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Our Top Picks: Hash Brown Breakfast Burritos in San Diego

For those that just don't like potatoes in their breakfast burritos

(Author's Note: As the digital correspondent for NBC San Diego, I strive to deliver stories that matter to a web and mobile audience. These stories take me all over the county. Often times as a reporter, I only have time for a quick lunch, making a burrito the perfect meal. These choices are based on my personal experience as a breakfast burrito aficionado, and I encourage you to comment with your favorite places as well.) 

It's easy to find a restaurant or taco shop that will serve breakfast burritos all day in San Diego County. Most of these breakfast burritos come with potatoes, which is fine for many.

However, there does not seem to be a comprehensive list of places to get a hash brown breakfast burrito.

Whether you get your hash brown breakfast burrito with bacon, ham, salsa, sour cream, or any other ingredient of your choice, it's clear that some just can't settle for potatoes.

That's why we present to you our top choices for a hash brown breakfast burrito (in no particular order): 

1. Taqueria Las Mulas in El Cajon 

This hidden gem on Broadway has not been open very long but is already gaining popularity through word-of-mouth.

Not only do they have hash brown breakfast burritos, they also have street tacos that residents of Tijuana come up to enjoy, the manager tells NBC 7. 

What to get: The "Mula Burrito" comes with bacon, hash brown, eggs, beans, and cheese and costs $6.50. 

2. Colima's Mexican Food in North Park 

This University Avenue shop can get crowded during lunch because it boasts a wide variety of plates with fresh ingredients. 

What to get: Simply called "Burrito" on the menu, it comes with your choice of chorizo, hash brown, steak and eggs, and bacon or sausage for $5.89. 

3. Cotija's Taco Shop in Bonita

For those in the south part of the county, Cotija's is convenient with plenty of parking. The shop on Bonita Road has a versatile salsa bar with a lot of different options from mild to hot! 

What to get: Known as "Hash Brown" it comes with eggs, bacon, sausage, hash brown, cheese and sour cream for $7.49. 

4. Roberto's Taco Shop (Locations in Solana Beach, Del Mar, Encinitas, and Leucadia) 

The taco shop chain has North County covered with multiple locations. It enjoys a cult following from surfers and beachgoers alike.

Some stands, like the one in Solana Beach, does not have indoor seating but a patio around the side where customers can enjoy their meals. 

What to get: The "Hashbrown Burrito" is loaded with eggs, cheese, hash browns, sausage and bacon, which will cost you $5.99. 

5. Taco Surf PB in Pacific Beach

Another favorite for those coming from nearby places like Ocean Beach, Pacific Beach, and Mission Beach. The taco shop on Mission Boulevard also has a friendly and enthusiastic staff.

What's different and unique about this restaurant is that you can customize your breakfast burrito to make it the way you want. 

What to get: Try making your own. Start with two eggs and choose between a white or wheat tortilla. Then choose between bacon, ham or sausage for your meat and three ingredients out of 15 (including hash browns as one, of course) for $7.42. 

6. Albert's Fresh Mexican Food in downtown San Diego 

A well-known name for Mexican food lovers in the downtown area, Albert's is a quick and delicious place to grab your breakfast burrito. 

While the restaurant has multiple locations, the downtown spot on C Street has a hash brown breakfast burrito option on the menu. 

What to get: The "Hash Brown Burrito" with hash brown, bacon, eggs, sour cream, and cheese for $7.25. 

This list is by no means complete and we are open to adding more places as suggestions come in! What are some of your favorites? 

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