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North Park's Historic Red Fox Steakhouse Reopens at New Location After Two Year Pause

The Red Fox Steakhouse was shut down early in the pandemic, but it's back just a few steps away from the Lafayette Hotel in North Park

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The iconic Red Fox Steakhouse has returned to North Park.

The steakhouse and piano bar brings an old-time feel with classic dishes and performers to 2200 El Cajon Blvd., just down the road form its last location at the Lafayette Hotel.

"It’s great because before we had to rely on a landlord to stay. Now this is forever because I bought the property and built the building so nobody can kick me out," owner John Demos said.

Its grand reopening Monday evening featured all the sights and sounds loyal customers are used to.

The Red Fox is enriched in history from across the pond. It features paneling and design features original to the first rendition of the Red Fox, the Red Fox Room, which opened in Surrey, England in the late 1500s, according to their website.

The The Red Fox Room was then taken apart and moved overseas to an Oceanside beach house for actress Marion Davies. After the beach house was sold, the pieces of the famous room were moved from the house to the Lafayette Hotel in 1959 and became the Red Fox Steakhouse. Demos took over in 1966.

In 2020 the Red Fox was dismantled once again and moved into storage. Since then the Red Fox has been constructed into a brand new restaurant and the owners are ready to show it off. 

Although there’s a new location, the owners wanted to assure their customers that nothing ahs changed.

“You can expect the historical wood paneling, stained glass, fireplace, and other classic Red Fox Room decor at our new location,” the owner, Jim Demos, stated on their website.

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